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Malala urges G20 to boost funds for girls' education

By Franck Robichon

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Recommend Nobel Committee donate their Prizes to girls education, not individuals.

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Speed, you're right but as she said: "I hope he can use his G20 presidency to help my sisters in Japan, G20 countries and around the world to reach their full potential because the world works better when girls go to school."

India and Indonesia alone, two G20 members, have more than 30 million girls who do not attend schools. So it's not only about Japan. And most of her work is in regions where the most girls can't go to secondary school--Afghanistan, Brazil, India, Lebanon, Nigeria, Pakistan and Turkey. Obviously, the G20 and OECD nations can also help to fund efforts in poorer nations as well.

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Just girls' education? How about girls' and boys' education?

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I understand her push around the world to increase funds and efforts to educate women but Japan has one of the highest rates of education in the world.

I think she'd be better pressed to push for anti-sexual discriminatory laws with teeth.

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@browny 1

Abe and Co. want to 'encourage' more women to work by raising the costs of living through higher taxes.

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But of course the elephant in the room is Abe's Govts shambles of a policy towards making his wordspin "All Women to Shine in Japan" credible.

This newspiece from jiji only a few months ago puts it in perspective.

"....LONDON - Japan has been placed 110th in the World Economic Forum’s global gender equality rankings for 2018, released Tuesday, up from 114th last year.

The rise reflected narrower wage gaps and an increase in women’s labor participation rate.

Still, the nation remains low in the WEF rankings five years after Prime Minister Shinzo Abe set out a policy of promoting the empowerment of women as part of his government’s growth strategy and more than three years after a related law was partially implemented.

The WEF survey, covering 149 countries, examined gender equality in the fields of politics, economy, education and health.

Japan received poor marks for political empowerment, such as the proportions of women among lawmakers and Cabinet ministers. In the economic field, the country ranked low for annual income equality and the proportion of women in managerial positions.

In education, the country received a low evaluation for the proportion of women enrolled in higher educational institutions.

Iceland topped the rankings for the 10th straight year, followed by Norway, Sweden and Finland. The United States came 51st, China 103rd, South Korea 115th and Saudi Arabia, 141st...."

I guess Malala has the wisdom and calmness not to call out Abe - the great deceiver.

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What's her goal exactly?Aren't there already more women completing higher education than men in many countries?

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There seems to be a trend in these headlines..

Why Men Are the New Minority in College - The Atlantic


The Gender Gap in College Education - The Atlantic


Women are outnumbering men at a record high in universities ...


Why Do Women Outnumber Men in College?


University gender gap at record high as 30000 more women accepted


Why do women outnumber men in college? - Quora


Data Shows Women Are Attending College More Than Men | Fatherly


How Women Fare Compared With Men in College and Afterward ...


Why do more women than men go to university? - BBC News


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Maybe not the photo-op but surely shaking hands with the clueless Abe shows a distinct lack of discrimination on the Nobel winner’s part....

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Maybe she will then regret that photo-op?

Don't be ridiculous. Activists meet with everyone. Some who agree with them, some who don't. Some will be persuaded, some will not. Abe's own record can be held against him/his party, but she's not tainted simply b/c she had her photo taken with the man during a press conference.

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Her trajectory is tragic and brave. But she has embraced the wrong side of history, as one can canvass by reading her declarations. IMO, a heroine turned whiner.

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I really wonder how Abe felt when he listened to her calls for assistance.

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Little does Malala know that Japan has one of the lowest spends on education of any of the OECD countries.

While she is here then she might take a tour of a public school and be amazed at the lack of tech,lack of aircon and primitive sports facilities!

Finally, she will contemplate Shinzo Abe whose prevarication along with others in the LDP have made it impossible for the average young Japanese in society to marry,buy a house and raise a family.

Maybe she will then regret that photo-op?

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She's a brave woman who actually deserves the Peace Prize.

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