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Moon says N Korean leader wants to normalize ties with Japan


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I know that Japan haters will dislike this news, but this kind of news, that show how all the countries are actually working together someway, makes these summits more believable to me. We can't know what there's behind the scenes, but maybe (maybe) this time we could get at least some kind of stability in the peninsula for a longer time.

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@Denuclearization of North Korea isn't something that only Japan is asking. It's the main reason why there are these bilater summits in the first place. What could Japan give to North Korea? The same things Japan gave to China and South Korea, after normalization of the relationship with those Countries, that at time were still very poor, happened some decades ago: financial assistance.

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My post was clearly for @zichi.

Everything you listed like wanted from Japan, it's something that the international community wants, not only Japan. The only Japanese problem in your list is the Japanese people abducted.

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at time were still very poor

at that time were still very poor*


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What will Japan give in return?

Japan would provide assistance to compensate for suffering up to August 1945. But there is no need to pay for N. Korea undoing its bad behavior on abductions.

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I wonder why North Korea has been quiet about "comfort women" and "slave labor" which South Korea has annoyed us persistently. I think we can build better relationship with North Korea than South Korea.

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@zichi: I know how to do to adress a poster, but I had forgot to put your nickname, and we can't edit our post.

Anyway, overall I agree with you, I mean, it's probably an utopian scenario to think that North Korea will accept all the conditions that the West is requesting, without something in return.

But my point is that those requests are not made by Japan only. They are mainly American requests. Japan can give financial assistance to North Korea, like it made with China and South Korea for decades after the normalization of the relationships with those Countries. But that's all. I think you know better than me that the U.S. are the ones who should and could do the key move to satisfy North Korea (and China): complete withdrawal of American soldiers from South Korea. Is this also possible? I doubt it.

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I wonder why North Korea has been quiet about "comfort women" and "slave labor"

Because no one has enslaved the Korean people more than the Kim regime.

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I agree with most comments here but most definitely not all of them.

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Abe feels isolated and worried when he saw North Korea leader met with Chinese and South Korea’s leaders and a planning meeting with Trump.

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Turns out KJU is a pretty decent bloke haha! Should make him an honorary member of JT.

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This is great but the whole show looks strange and smells funny.

They spend so much effort the develop a nuclear arsenal and mean of delivery to give everything up.

NK also wants to be friends with everyone now.

It’s not a few missiles that changed their mind.

W declared NK part of the “Axis of Evil” and went on leveling Iraq. They weren’t scared then.

Well, it was KJU’s father at that time but...

This 180 reversal is suspicious to me.

I wonder what happened in China during KJU trip.

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Sanctions are working. NK is seeking any way out.

What I'd like to see:

Plan to unify with SK.

Removal of all missile and nuclear weapon work

End of war

Freedom of travel, communications, press, speech for everyone there.
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I doubt "sanctions are working". They never worked for the past decades.

The truth is way more complicated than what the mass media reveal to us, ordinary citizens.

I mean, they are saying literally that the exchange of threats and insults between Kim and Trump produced this great result, and someone thinks also Trump could deserve the Nobel prize (that is a joke anyway) for this.

Are we even serious? They are telling us, that "threats and insults" is the best way for peace.

Nothing does make any sense anymore, in this crazy world...And ordinary citizens are treated literally like idiots.

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I know that Japan haters will dislike this news, 

What exactly is a Japan hater?

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Good news, nice to see diplomacy working.

I know the Japan haters will still complain about the abduction issue, but only a heartless soul will see complete fault in this.

While I do think it is a very worthy issue to pursue, it is something that should be pursued later after ties have been established.

Abe must never forget that while he can pursue the abduction issue as much as he wants, Kim can also pursue formal compensation and apologies for Japan's brutal occupation of the Korean peninsula pre and during World War 2.

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Alex80Today 04:13 pm JST

I know that Japan haters will dislike this news, but this kind of news, that show how all the countries are actually working together

Exactly. The reality is that Japan has not been "sidelined", that the abductions issue (which is not just a Japan issue) has not been disregarded by the U.S., South Korea and even North Korea itself.

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OssanAmerica: nobody would let Japan jeopardize the negotiations.

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Relations between Japan and NK will never be normalizes because the US will not allow it. The US uses the differences between Japan and NK as an excuse for maintaining military bases in both Japan and SK. The foreign policies of both Japan and SK are dictated by Washington and the US foreign policy is world domination.

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TumbleDryApr. 29 10:49 pm JST

OssanAmerica: nobody would let Japan jeopardize the negotiations.

Japan has not jeopardized anything. Perhaps only in your biased mind. The US and South Korea have accepted the abduction issue to be relevant to the discussions. North Korea itself has now agreed and stated that it wants to normalize relations with Japan. So just exactly what is being "jeopardized"?

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rlperez, the USA does NOT want to dominate the world. USA only want real world peace, and knows that there will never be real world peace. There never has been. Never. Nations that desire world peace absolutely must have a strong military. That is reality. There will always be some dictator somewhere who oppresses his people to stay in power. We must assure those dictators that they WILL NOT be allowed to expand their dictatorships to free nations.

Meanwhile, I sure hope this Korean situation turns out very good for all Korean people, and the whole world.

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Conditions for how the rest of the world must behave towards NK were set in a 1953 treaty. Nothing new is needed. They will stop misbehaving on their own.

Sanctions are working. The newly added ships provided by Japan and Canada looking for NK import violations will help very much too.

After NK begins working towards real unification, then other countries can trade.

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