Moritomo Gakuen applies for bankruptcy protection


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Good, Hopefully they go full on bankrupt and lose face and credit for everything.

Kindly leave my city of Toyonaka too while you're at it.

Its completely possible to be patriotic and support your nation, without being a nasty racist, and without polluting young minds. Out with you !

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So he will sell the land and make a huge profit to pay off the debt. Not fare.

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Actually MsDelicious, he won't be able to sell anything. It will be ceased as an asset to pay his creditors.

This guy is a slippery culprit. By going into bankruptcy he will only be held responsible for 10% of his debt and only barred from opening another business for ten years. It's also quite likely he had previously placed his assets into his wife's or business partners names to avoid losing them. He must have been aware his so-called 'school' was doomed to fail.

@thepersoniamnow - Yesterday you condemned my post for putting ISIS and DPRK's brainwashing and militarising of children in the same category as this loon's schools. And, here you are today using the same condemnation of militarising children against this twit. It doesn't matter which country or religion or the level of violence involved, militarising, imperialising and brainwashing children is the same disgusting act.

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Sadly they'll be back, polluting more young minds with dreams of fascism and nationalism. And even if they - this school - don't come back anytime soon, some other such school will open to take their place.

As long as groups of right-wing politicians and intellectuals exist, this kind of school will always have financial backing. One can only hope that their influence remains relatively small and in the fringe. Fingers crossed.

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