Motegi discusses regional tensions with new Iranian president


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Motegi: I support and I believe.

Now that's action.

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Bowing to his superior.

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expect a low-interest loan to Iran soon

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Always putting on a show. How about Motegi and Suga talk about accepting Afghan refugees.? Nope, we'll continue to pledge and support but keep it in your back yard.

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Nice to see that Japan can have relations with Iran, and they're not all "Oh, you don't get along with Israel so we can't talk to you."

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FM Motegi doesn't discuss anything, he just reads a script prepared by the MOFA staff. Any questions are referred back to them for some prepared answers, they are terrified of him saying something unapproved.

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I have to say that Motegi’s prestige and reputation is as high as his size.

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Never go down to jihadi Muslim

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I mean never bow down to one

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Japan skating on thin ice by playing nice with Iran. Israel and its proxy armed forces, aka the USA, are watching.

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What exactly is it, that the whole West currently (let’s better say for recent two decades) and everywhere gives in to islamists , djihadists and terrorists? Did I miss something important that is the reason for that new common suicidal strategy? Or do they just only not know how to handle it correctly? I have no clue what and why they are doing it. The same and even amplified with China, Russia etc. , but that’s another topic.

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I find it interesting 1) how Japan is allowed such a relationship and 2) wonder what it gets from it (probably oil)

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Bow down lower for more oil barrels Motegi !!

This country is run by fossils !!

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Sign of Japan getting independence?

America hates this dude.

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Funny nobody has a problem of Suga bowing to americans, but has a problem with Motegi bowing to iranian.

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What’s funny about this? Your comparison? With an ice cream in your hand , would you equally bow to your fridge and oven? lol

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Sven Asai

Which one has troops in the country and demand protection money, and which one sells you oil?

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I find it interesting 1) how Japan is allowed such a relationship and 2) wonder what it gets from it (probably oil)

Japan and Iran have a special relationship since 1950s. Yes, it is about oil, but it is more than that. If you really want to know about the relationship, you should learn about Idemitus Sazo (1885-1981), a founder of a Japanese oil company Idemitus, and Nishomaru Incident (日章丸事件) in 1953.

In March 1953, Idemitsu secretly sent the second-generation Nissho Maru to Iran, which was involved in a dispute with Great Britain after nationalizing its oil industry. Loaded with about 22,000 kiloliters of gasoline and diesel oil, the Nissho Maru returned to the Port of Kawasaki in May, greeted by welcoming crowds.

In response, the British Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (the predecessor of BP) sued Idemitsu in Tokyo District Court, claiming ownership of the Nissho Maru's cargo. This “Nissho Maru Incident” would be fought out in the courts. The judicial process was reported on in detail in the newspapers day after day, and in the end Idemitsu was victorious, as the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company dropped its case.

Imports of Iranian oil ended in 1956, after the unity of the major oil firms (international oil capital) again strengthened in Iran.

However, this incident was a predecessor of direct trades with oil-producing states and served as an impetus in turning the eyes of Japanese people to the Middle East. History also shows that the incident was seen in the Japan of that time, which had lost its confidence as a result of its loss in World War II, as a heroic deed that helped the nation regain its stature in international society.


If you find, time to time, Japan not acting like a US/Western puppet, it is most likely in the area of their international relations with Middle East. Japan considers her position unique when it comes to the Middle East, carefully not being one sided. Yes, it is about oil, but it is always more than that.

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As I understand it Japanese bow to each other as a sign of mutual respect, a dignified cerimonial formality. It is a thorougly western idea that bowing to somone implies submission. I bowed to my opponent in Judo matches and it certainly wasn't my intention to submit. Far from it!

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Sign of Japan getting independence?

America hates this dude.

Americans have the hardest time understanding that not every nation hates the countries Americans hate. Most nations have perfectly normal trade and tourism relations with America's most hated enemies.

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