Myanmar soccer player to apply for refugee status in Japan on Tuesday


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Well he is going to a detention centre, hope he can be the 1% that gets accepted. Or maybe die in a wheelchair faking illness. Certainly a story to keep an eye on.

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For those unaware of Japan's appalling record on refugees Japan accepted just 47 refugees in 2020 which is actually the highest number in the last decade. Truly shameful.

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"I shed tears as I recalled my memories of my home country. I want to meet my family," he told reporters. "I prayed that peace will be realized as soon as possible."

"I want Japanese people to help Myanmar people trying to escape repression as much as they can," he said.

hahahahahahahahahahahaha! You've come to the wrong country to ask for refugee status! So be prepared to shed more tears! (I say that NOT to make fun of Mr. Pyae Lyan Aung's situation, just pointing out the truth!)

Japan knows that people would be executed if they return to their countries, so they apply for refugee status here. So what does Japan do? Keep them locked up in a detention center as if they are violent criminals for indefinite amounts of time and treat them as sub human by denying them of the most fundamental thing all humans strive for and millios die for : FREEDOM.

Japan needs to understand the world has changed and should do more to help people from other countries aquire refugee status.

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It'll be interesting to see how the government responds, given the Olympics puts this in the limelight, as well as the world also being focussed on Myanmar. If they turn him down while asking him to participate in the "Olympic Spirit" and before sending him home to his death, I suspect they'll just get defensive and say they don't need international input. On the other hand, if they accept him while they constantly refuse others, how does it look?

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coward or idiot or both. how can he not imagine what would happen when he had to go back. so now he leaves his family to persecution.

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I recall a similar case of someone from Afghanistan in the early 2000s. Good luck. He'll be lucky if they don't kick him out. But if he gets enough media attention, then our government might not kick him out.

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Good luck to him, I hope he gets it, but I doubt it. Japan Gov is too busy kissing Myanmar's booty!

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He can walk twenty steps over the border to Thailand where there is a sizable Burmese community, jobs and common language.

why japan? Does he know how much a tv license costs here? My water bill each month alone is 3 months salary for Burmese.

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The more I think about it, the more I think this is the perfect opportunity to tell Japan to change and get with the times. You have a nation with the highest aging population problem, one of the lowest birth rates, and so much more than NEEDS this man here, and yet they are probably cursing the man's timing without taking into account his plight. Pressure Japan to take him and others in, or else why bother with the Olympics? How can they purport to be an advanced nation, welcoming to the world (forgetting they won't allow foreign spectators or half the staff), deserving of such reputation, and yet when it comes to human rights and ACTUALLY welcoming people? Let them put their money where their mouth is... or take away the right to speak.

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You truly know the situation in your country is very bad when applying for refugee status in Japan starts looking like a better option. It’s like having such pain in your leg that going to the dentist without anesthesia seems a viable distraction in order to feel less distress.

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For political reasons, satisfying the Myanmar government, the human rights association and countries opposed to the junta, Japan will not give him the refugee status before a long long time, and he won’t be deported.

This case will take years

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"You truly know the situation in your country is very bad when applying for refugee status in Japan starts looking like a better option."

Applicable to the vast majority of gaijin in Japan.

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I guess he found out that this kind of SJW nonsense gets you into trouble.

If he doesn't like what going down in Myanmar, he should go back and fight the junta.

Don't take the "chicken" refugee way out.

My 2 cents.

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