N Korea calls Pence remarks stupid; Pompeo hopeful summit will still take place


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Peace with NK is a given, it's a necessary condition before war with Iran starts.

Trump's bosses are getting impatient.

Nonsense! No one wants a war, No one, if Iran denuclearizes, they don’t have to worry about crippling sanctions and even if the US doesn’t seek military action, Israel will, so either way, the Mullah’s are screwed.

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"If you want to solve the problem, now is the time. If you want peace, now is the time. If you want to make history, now is the time."

It is all up to Pyongyang now. All they have to do is stand down.

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The jostling and positioning is taking place.

Unlike past (and now failed) negotiations Trump is going Trump style on this one and is being typically top down about it. Instead of the 18 months or so of meetings by senior diplomats that concluded I the leaders signing an agreement, this meeting is more about the politicized meeting of these two men.

I bet you they both want to be seen as having had the power to make this happen. After that, and a few deadlines and requirements to be met the process of the deal with begin.

Will NK completely give up their nukes which they have been working on for 30 years since their army is even more defunct and ancient? I am quite sure Kim saw what happened to Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein.

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Pompeo is an excellent choice by Trump. He is tough and wont compromise just like Trump and Michael Pence, and Kim-san sees this which will bring him to table at Summit. He also has great relations with Japan and Kono-san.

Really looking forward to the Summits. Peace in our lifetimes is almost here.

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First, sign a peace agreement to end the Korean war.

Then work towards an effective disarmament and unification of the peninsula.

To accomplish the above, Trump's team first needs to stop pounding their chest like animals.

The main problems to disarmament and unification will be China not wanting a democratic neighbor and threats to the Kim dynasty. Kim needs to maintain a dictatorship to keep his head attached to his shoulder.

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I think Trump has been playing it cool so far, and that’s the right move to make. It only takes one tweet to destroy the talks. So I give him credit for....not being bombastic Trump.

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"A top North Korean official said Thursday that recent comments by U.S. Vice President Mike Pence were "stupid" and "ignorant" and again warned the country is willing to pull out of a planned summit with President Donald Trump."

Well ma'am, just come stay here for a while and you will understand. It comes with the territory. The 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue territory, that is.

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I think the meeting will happen, but nothing will come out of it.

The US tried to reassert in a less aggressive manner that they want NK to give up its nuke before anything else is done, "or else". But NK doesn't care.

For me, that means China is behind them, and guarentee their safety.

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I really would have thought that given the importance to the world of these talks, and the known irrationality of the DPRK leadership, that people in the positions of Pompeo, Bolton et al would have had the brains to keep their mouths shut and to avoid any inflammatory statements that might give the North Koreans the excuse (or reason) to pull out.

To me it seems like there's a whole lot of macho posturing going on designed more with an eye on the domestic political market than in the service of a potential major advance in world peace.

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Looks like there's a concerted effort by the industrial complex to scuttle this meeting. Money, money, money..... MONEY!!!!

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The way things are going, the hope for a lasting peace between the two Koreas are fading.

2 ( +3 / -1 )

Two groups would be delighted if these talks don't go ahead and we are back to the Mexican standoff on the Korean Peninsula: The American military-industrial complex and Japanese nationalists. Neither of those two groups should be your friends.

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There was never one moment in which NK actually said it was going to unilaterally give up its nukes.

In fact, in the very speech that got Trumpers so excited and shouting "Nobel", Kim said that he was stopping TESTING because the weapons program was complete, and with no further work the nukes would be a safeguard for "generations to come".

He also reiterated a position that NK has long held, which is that denuclearization to them means multilateral, not them doing it unilaterally while their enemies keep them. I mean, Doh! Only people congenitally incapable of putting themselves in their opponents' shoes (i.e. Americans) would have thought it would be otherwise.

Libya gave up its weapons because its weapons DIDN'T WORK. They couldn't protect Libya from US invasion. They weren't powerful enough to make America pay an unacceptable price. NK's weapons are powerful enough, unless Trump is willing to sacrifice millions of South Koreans and maybe Japanese (which he probably is), plus as many US troops in week one as the Iraq war killed in five years (which he surely isn't).

Face it, Trumpers, NK was actually pretty clear about its plans, but you, desperate for a "win" you could rub in Democrats' faces, heard what you wanted to hear, not what they actually said.

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To me it seems like there's a whole lot of macho posturing going on designed more with an eye on the domestic political market than in the service of a potential major advance in world peace.

Great comment.

Basically, they are a bunch of amateurs playing in the big leagues. In addition, they keep hiring people who only know how to talk to their domestic constituents, i.e., croneys, when they need professionals. However, hiring and trusting professionals would counter their domestic narrative of a deep state, a narrative which is needed to create doubts to counter negative news and the Russian investigation. It makes for a very dysfunctional government, unless the only goal is to please a limited domestic political market.

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The whole 'peace has been achieved with NK - give Trump the nobel' is now seeming more and more like Bush's 'mission accomplished' foolery.

6 ( +8 / -2 )

Why people are talking about "Trumpers" and Democrats is totally stupid and backwards. This is about USA and North Korea. If it goes south, we're ALL screwed.

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Right wing, neo-con Christian vs 36 year old who loves his people. Luckily both sides don’t have nukes.

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Pence and Bolton, how stupid can they get. Are they trying to sink the summit!

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Duh....the talk is DEAD.

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Bolton's singing always sounded affected to me Michael McDonald is the real deal

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