N Korean media say Japanese abduction issue already resolved


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Kim is doing his best to marginalize Abe and Japan, and keep them out of the process.

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And Japan says the Korean comfort women is already resolved. Apparently, the countries didn't get each others memos. ;)=

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How exactly has the abduction issue/problem been resolved?

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Just last year another abductee turned up in Osaka. Yes some were kidnapped 40 years ago. International relationships can not be based on 17 people or 1,000s of sex slaves. Shinzos fascination has distracted him from what he should be focused on...the actual populace of Japan.

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This could get really interesting. If Japan tries to make this a bigger issue and North Korea starts to balk at any kind of agreement, then the US, China et al will slap down Japan and tell them to drop the issue for the greater good of denuclearizing the Korean peninsula. Then what will Abe do? Of course he will sign on to some kind of agreement, and then later cry foul that their needs were not taken into account. But the rest of the world won't care.

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Abe needs to give it a rest already.

He's in no position to keep harping on this issue. While I understand the families of some abducted want closure, now is not the time to be doing this.

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No it hasn't been resolved. North Korea needs to first establish relations with Japan, something they've said they'd do. But they also said that they were prepared to discuss the abduction issue.Looks to me like just more of North Korea's usual bipolar antics leading up to any negotiation. On one hand they sing of peace with the United States but then harshly criticize the continued sanctions. Same with Japan. It isn't all that hard for North Korea to go gather the evidence that the abductees are either living or dead, and if living, release them, and if dead, verify it. that's really all there is to resolving the issue.

Regardless of what North Korea and J-haters here may say;

"US President Donald Trump pledged after a meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to work “very, very hard” to “try and bring these folks back.”

Trump also met relatives of the abductees during his last visit to Tokyo, the emotional high point of his trip as grieving families clutched pictures of their loved-ones."

Now what about the South Korean abductees?

"An estimated 84,532[1] South Koreans were taken to North Korea during the Korean War. In addition, South Korean statistics claim that, since the Korean Armistice Agreement in 1953, about 3,800 people have been abducted by North Korea (the vast majority in the late 1970s), 480 of whom are still being held."

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Japanese people who listen to abe;s drivel are more stupid than people of an isolated uneducated dictatorship who understand what an idiot he is.

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While I understand and agree with people saying Abe should drop this at this point in time, I also have to agree with Seadog's post.

I would also like to know, in detail, how this issue has been resolved.

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It seems that N Korea has not changed any as long as it arrogantly says abduction issue is already over. N Korea wants to break such severe sanctions somehow, so it seems that NK is just hanging such bait before faces.

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OssanAmerica: "No it hasn't been resolved."

Always a problem when the shoes on the other foot, eh? Japan's atrocities? Resolved -- something we should shut up and move on from, right? A horrific act against Japan? NEVER!

I believe "resolved" is the exact word that's been used a number of times to discuss disputes or issues involving Japan's past where it was the aggressor.

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Doesn't bode well. Oh well I guess Japan is going to save a lot of money by not lifting a finger to help North Korea until they agree to a discussion.

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There has always been powerful interest in every government that desires marching toward war. I assume Japan's sabotaging diplomacy has more to do with it's desire for massive military buildup than it's compassion for human life.

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OPPS. Hope this is not the case.

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smithinjapanToday  11:25 am JST

In 2002, NK formally admitted that its spy agents abducted Japanese citizens from Japanese soil. Five of the abductees were released from NK. They testified there were more Japanese abductees in NK.

Japanese government believes they are still alive. NK says the rest of the abductees were all dead due to some "accidents" without showing any evidence.

You should keep in mind that hostage taking is NK's ordinary course of business.

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Abe is super stupid. If US-NK talk goes well, then SK-NK-China will take off as threesome and Japan will be totally isolated. All NK needs is China's help and it will take only 10-15 years for NK to catch up SK. SK will immediately benefits because super fast link to China through NK. Northeast China will be a special zone for Russia, NK and SK, even Mongolia, where historically Japan has strong influence too. In today's world, every two years means a new generation in technology. How many years does Abe have to waste ? Northeast China is strategically important for Japan. Japan must restart without any delay to win over China as what happened 40 years ago.

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YubaruToday  07:30 am JST

Kim is doing his best to marginalize Abe and Japan, and keep them out of the process.

Abe is doing his best to prove that Kim doesn't need to try very hard. If Abe would only keep his silver spoon in his mouth he wouldn't be able to make the kind of stupid, self-serving comments that have provoked this response.

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Abe is super stupid. 

Best comment in the entire thread.

Japan must restart without any delay to win over China as what happened 40 years ago.

Way too much dinosaur thought processes. Never going to happen.

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China says the Nanjing issues have not been resolved. Japan says it has.

Now, now, don't go overboard. Japan doesn't say that, Japan says it never even happened in the first place.


"US President Donald Trump pledged after a meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to work “very, very hard” to “try and bring these folks back.”

Your 'president' sure does A LOT of pledging.

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Trump got 3 Americans back finally. It seems Japan simply can't ignore and forget abductees if there are somebody are still alive there and they no doubt want to go home.

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Sorry Abe, you're not Trump!

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How exactly has the abduction issue/problem been resolved?

“Resolved”. Think dark, dark thoughts and you may be right.

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@Cricky precisely

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Well, stop being such a whimp Abe! Instead of asking the U.S to raise the abduction issue with North Korea, show some courage and go to North Korea yourself! Koizumi went their in 2002, and look at what he achieved! The return of 5 Japanese nationals.

Take some advice from your mentor, and go their. You're in no position to make any demands such as; "no aid before the return of the abductees". North Korea has the strongest card. To don't follow their game-rules will prove insufficient. Look at what North Korea developed without Japanese aid, Abe. You have an incredible weak card. Play by their rules, and Japan will have back their beloved nationals.

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It seems to be a part of human nature to want to ignore inconvenient truths. If only inconvenient problems were so easily solved.

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Learn the concept of closure. These countries have never experienced closure but only one sided closure.

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Pyongyang usually lies. This is another obvious case. Tokyo needs to keep this issue front & center.

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North Korea indicated the last time the two sides were talking that all abductees had been accounted for either by return or death. Japan chooses to not believe this.

Abe now says no normalization of relations until this is resolved. That is completely the wrong thing to do.

1, Normalize relations like everyone else.

2, Set up embassy and bid on projects for building infrastructure, agriculture etc to encourage business.

3, With Japanese now inside North Korea they are free to clandestinely seek information on any other Japanese living in North Korea and how they got there, ie abduction. After a few years you will have your answer.

4, With North Korea opening borders and normalizing relations people will be free to leave or contact the Japanese embassy there.

Lock yourselves out and you get no information, no business and continued poor relations. Nobody wins in that situation.

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Abe has to be realistic: NK doesn't need Japan at all. On the other hand, Japan needs NK, If Kim gets upset, he will forbid Japan pass through NK territory and cut off the connection between Japan and China completely. In northeast China, NK has absolute advantages over both SK and Japan. OMG, just think about it, the united state of NK-SK-China. How many movies can they produce each and every year ? All about anti-Japan war.

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Akie needs to be realistic, Japan has done very well without NK. Japan surely does not need NK. Japan has its own bilateral relationship with China that ebbs and flows all without input from NK.

OMG just think about it, NK partially reunifying with SK and in the US corner. How prosperous NK will get doing that. All without China. Swish.

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