New U.S. ambassador arrives in Japan

By Elaine Lies

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Hope all of his family enjoy Japan again. All of children grew taller.

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It took 7 months. Does Trump really care about Japan?

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Nice looking family.

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Can someone confirm if Trump's photo was up at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate yet? I went 2 months after he was sworn in and all I saw was a empty photo frame.

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US congress is always careful when it has to decide its Ambassador to Japan..

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Maybe, Ambassodor Hagerty would like to comment on the US military's policy of flying B1 bombers right up to the North Korean border on a regular basis? Exactly how is that being diplomatic?

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U.S. officials have also said Japan's decision to hike tariffs on frozen beef imports from the United States could harm bilateral trade relations.

Easy solution to this complex problem. Have Japan threaten to either close half the military bases, or cut half of all US defense contracts. I guarantee the beef import problem that the US has been fussing about will be a quick distant memory.

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