New coal power plants may block Japan's carbon emissions goal: environment minister

By Yuka Obayashi and Ami Miyazaki

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The US withdrew, but with plans to build 41 new coal plants in the next ten years, Japan is basically doing the same thing just without the formal declaration. The vast percentage of the population is against it, it's ridiculous that they have plants to build even one more plant, never mind 41!

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Oh ! Well we are doomed . Our future generations will suffer.

Their children wont last the difference in Climate Changes as we know of it .

A lot of us old people will have passed on by then so the fools making these decisions are not thinking for the future or now they still insist we can pollute as we did in the past that caused this problem in the first place when it was the norm in the industrial beginning.

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Cool Japan? Coal Japan.

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Well done, anti-nuke crew.

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A little googling may bring up familiar family names on both nuke and coal.

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Burn that coal .

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There are alternatives to coal other than uranium. Coal isn't the cheap fossil fuel it once was with the discovery of shale gas. The prices have LNG have fallen. Renewable energies converted to hydrogen.

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Burning coal releases radiation and other harmful elements like mercury into the enviroment. It will responsible for making people sick in Japan.

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