Niigata's anti-nuclear governor resigns over magazine article


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I don't like the fact that these two issues are being jointly reported in the same article.

Sexual harassment is a crime.

(Without knowing the content of the article) Giving presents, money or otherwise, to women is not.

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Exactly. The guy is single, gave presents and money to willing women who are consenting adults. There was absolutely no wrongdoing whatsoever. This is a witch hunt because he is anti-nuclear. Why should he resign over this while the PM and the finance minister remain in office over far more serious scandals?

This country is not a democracy.

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He is single. He treated women as if they are prostitute. There may be. some reasons he is single.

-16 ( +4 / -20 )

He is single. He treated women as if they are prostitute. There may be. some reasons he is single.

Sounds like being single is a sin. Or a crime.

13 ( +18 / -5 )

He gave them money? To make them like him more?

Sounds like a real charmer.

-4 ( +4 / -8 )

If the women took the money and the advances then ...

14 ( +14 / -0 )

Which is more important for the planet?

His was a lone courageous political voice asking for safety first after Fukushima. He wanted real lessons to be learned and he wanted escape procedures for the local population to be in place in Niigata in case of any future accident at this, the world's largest NPP, Kashiwazaki-Kariwa. This nuclear plant was also hit heavily not too long ago by an earthquake exceeding its design parameters. Despite some surprising damage, it generally held together but was offline for a long period.

From our Wiki friend: "It is the largest nuclear generating station in the world by net electrical power rating.It was approximately 19 km (12 mi) from the epicenter of the second strongest earthquake to ever occur at a nuclear plant, the Mw 6.6 July 2007 Chūetsu offshore earthquake. This shook the plant beyond design basis and initiated an extended shutdown for inspection, which indicated that greater earthquake-proofing was needed before operation could be resumed. The plant was completely shut down for 21 months following the earthquake. Unit 7 was restarted after seismic upgrades on May 9, 2009, followed later by units 1, 5, and 6. (Units 2, 3, 4 were not restarted). After the March 11, 2011 earthquake, all restarted units were shut down and safety improvements are being carried out. As of October 2017, no units have been restarted, and the earliest proposed restart date is in April 2019 (for reactors 6 and 7)."

I wish the two issues could have been kept separate.

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While I feel a little sorry for him if he was lonely, it seems he was lacking in common sense in spite of his qualifications as both a lawyer and a doctor.

Read one account last night that reported the college student as saying it was understood from the beginning that it was a monetary arrangement.

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Unfortunately, the guy is a sleazeball.

-11 ( +1 / -12 )

All married Japanese men give money to their wives. In fact most men give women money and gifts. Probably TEPCO is behind all of this which has lost trillions with the continued shut down of the NPP.

12 ( +14 / -2 )

"Unfortunately, the guy is a sleazeball." irrelevant to his political stance. Many a great leader where bad men outside the office. But in the office they made fair and ethical choices. As long as this guy did not mix two, i.e., use tax money/funds or these women work for him or this was going on in the office or business premises.

7 ( +9 / -2 )

Yeah nothing wrong with this. I don’t think people’s sex lives are remotely anyone’s business

11 ( +12 / -1 )

Classic honey trap. Oh wait, he was anti nuclear...blackmailed I imagine. Take a whiff people.

6 ( +7 / -1 )

He should not have resigned if his relationships were legal interactions. This looks like some form of blackmail. The nuclear industry is openly gloating about this. Nuclear power is far more dangerous than someone's love life.

Yes, single men are watch and are prey to snoops, gossips and spies who ferret out their private lives and then add embellishments, insinuations and outright lies; this is spread like manure. If one is prominent enough this stuff ends up in the gutter press. Married men seem to find it easier to get away with stuff.

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So he is a normal guy. Just shows you have to be a freak, weirdo or liar to last as a politician, and best is to be all 3.

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The dating club "Happy Mail" is a legal existence in Japan. The girls are not minors. He is a single man. If they are agreed upon. I do not see any problem. I may use the system if I were as rich as him. But he was careless if he had an ambition to become a politician.

2 ( +3 / -1 )

Married and single men ,in their millions do this every day in Japan.........

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We have to see what the actual allegations are, but it sounds like what he did was consensual. Embarrassing when expressed in the stated terms perhaps, but consensual.

This all happens because we have dumbed-down politics where politicians get judged on the image they project, not what they do in office.

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So, it all he did was above board, why is he stepping down? Why not just say, "Hey, I'm single and I'm busy. Too busy to court. No impropriety so back off."

I'd totally respect that.

The fact that he's backing down makes leads me to believe he knows there is impropriety there, waiting to become public.

(That finance ministry jerk on the other hand - clear and total scumbag.)

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Yubaru, aly and other similar commenters: well done.

He is single. He treated women as if they are prostitute. There may be. some reasons he is single.

Look up the definition and you’ll know. He’s reasonably young, reasonably good looking, quite successful and seems driven in life. I’ll bet my bottom dollar he’s single by choice.

2 ( +6 / -4 )

I live in the countryside but not so far away is soaplands, love hotels and pachinko. I have never used any, but they seem to have full car parks.

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To all those being critical of the guy, the only thing you should be critical of is his weakness to resign.

Giving them presents is all part and parcel of dating. And as for the money ... no information towards the circumstances of that has been mentioned. Girlfriends do ask their rich boyfriends for money all the time....

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Unfortunately, the guy is a sleazeball.

Gimme a break, giving presents to women, and he got sex, so?

Show me any man who says they have never "paid" for sex in some manner or another and I will show you a liar!

All married Japanese men give money to their wives. In fact most men give women money and gifts.

And if the current birth rate is any guide they aren't getting any sex either!

3 ( +5 / -2 )

Puregaijin - “reasonably” good looking??

Did you not see the photo?

in any case, he was definitely set up by the Japanese government

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Lawful interactions with women shouldn't have an effect on a person's professional life.

Unfortunately though, they do.

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How many 50 year old men would knock back a 22 year old woman who was happy to have sex for money--no strings attached?

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If he was paying JK (School girls) then that would have been a cause to resign.

1 ( +1 / -0 )

Lawful interactions with women shouldn't have an effect on a person's professional life.

If that person is a politician elected to represent a prefecture, yes it should

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"Convenient" scandal for greedy nuclear industries of Japan.

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In the Shukan Bunshun magazine the details are being revealed in today's issue apparently. The crux of the matter is said to be: 山氏が二〇一六年の知事就任前後、出会い系サイトを通じて複数の女子大生らと交際し、金品を渡していたといった内容。...that in 2016 around the time he was taking office as governor, he had affairs with several female college students that he met through a 'Deai-kei' meeting site, and that he handed them money and gifts.

He says he was somehow aware that such actions might possibly infringe on the prostitution laws, but that he had not thought through the gravity of the situation properly.

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This is japan - this isnt enough to force a resignation. Hes got more in his past than just this and its very dirty, I wager.

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

Hes got more in his past than just this and its very dirty, I wager.

me as well. A 50 year-old unmarried man suffers from Peter Pan complex and has never grown up. Chances are his prostitutes haven't, either.

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By resigning he will receive at least ¥25 million in his leaving pay off.

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seadog, uh, well, so youre saying most men will pay a 22 year old for sex.

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because thats just engaging a prostitute.

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