No easy answers as Japan, U.S. head for new round of trade talks

By Kaori Kaneko and Linda Sieg

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We will lose. Bye bye Toyota.

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here is an easy answer: Japan stop being protectionist and actually participate in real free trade for once. Trump is doing a great job though you would not know it by watching the media.

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Japan has just signed a huge trade deal with the EU which is of comparable size to the US. She will get a big benefit from that over the next few years. I think any trade deal with the USA is unlikely while Trump is in charge.

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Japanese car manufacturers should put the US on notice that they are ready to shut down production at US auto factories and rely on production from Mexico and Canada to meet demand until the threat of illegal trade sanctions is gone. The Japanese govt should state that US vehicles imported into Japan will face a 25% increase in cost until sanctions are removed. But the Abe govt will cave to US demands on sanctioning Iran, and we will all pay more for all our petrol instead - no matter its provenance.

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No! Japan is doing everything right!

It’s buying overpriced weapons from the US to please DT...

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