Noda calls for ending ultra-easy monetary policy

By Kiyoshi Takenaka

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She's right, but there is no way in hell the LDP is going to vote for a female president to lead them and by default become PM.

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It takes wage hikes to generate personal consumption,

There is a cart or two that comes before those hefty wage hikes.

Why would wages go up, in a sustainable manner over time?

Do those conditions apply in Japan?

Whats the plan Seiko?

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The premise here is that we should be concerned about the well being of the regional banks ? Really?

I am not against Noda but...

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I believe Japan would be perfectly well-served with only about 12-24 banks, including internet-only based operators.

Let the regional banks die / be amalgamated with others. 

A lot of the banks are nothing than vestiges of a long-gone era. 

Just look at some of the bank names here - the "16 bank", "82 bank", "104 bank". 



These banks only continue to exist because Japan is a country that hates change.

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"Rather than focusing narrow-mindedly on achieving the price target, wouldn't it be better to go back to the approach of prioritising economic recovery accompanied by 2 percent inflation?" Noda told Reuters.


Isn't the Bank of Japan doing that? Japan's gdp has grown 5 straight years. Abe and Kuroda are doing a great job. They are great team! Keep them!

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