Noda expresses intention to run in next LDP leadership race


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the "progressives" can never gain power.

They died when Soviet Union died.

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She's a hardcore right winger. I'd prefer Shinjiro, the ex PM Koizumi's son to take the helm. Lets face it, the "progressives" can never gain power in the current geopolitical situation when China and NK keep feeding LDP with what they want.

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Thanks for the responses.

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A never-ending stream of corrupt politicians running in hopes of replacing the current never-ending stream of corrupt politicians in office. Make sure to make promises of transparency and "real change", all the while ensuring you help out your friends, family and cohorts behind the scenes.

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Glad she could speak up. Before Abe became a power, elected male politicians freely called female counterparts "Babymaking Machine". Remember?

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Abe picked Noda, who is not among the LDP lawmakers close to him, in his latest cabinet reshuffle in an apparent attempt to strengthen party unity,

No! Abe picked her to try and win some female votes. Now, she's gunning for his job. However, this is Japan and it will be a cold day in hell when a female gets the top job.

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the expressions on the faces of of those left and right perfectly summarize the attempt, both for now and the future.

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Well done, lady. She seems like another arrogant, pathetic attempt at succeeding where her male counterparts have failed in he guise of "womenomics".

Shell be out in a month tops

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Ms. Noda Should be one of the strongest and most independent female politicians in Japan. I do remember her struggles with male Japanese politicians' chauvinism about females being only good child rearing and went on to defy norms to have a baby on her own terms- by singly having one from a reproductive health facility ( scientifically). My memory is scant , but IF it's the same Noda, then more power to her! I hope she hasn't mellowed. I can assure you , she once was a firebrand.

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looks like a proper bird! Oozing power and confidence.

If I was allowed, I would vote for her.

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Hahaha... yeah, right. He chose her to "unify" the party and NOT as a token woman for a man who promised growth in female empowerment but has an incredibly dismal record.

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A newly appointed cabinet minister has expressed her intention to run in the ruling Liberal Democratic Party's presidential race in September next year.

She is a relative no-name in Japanese politics. Unknowns like her running for the leadership of the LDP makes Abe's chances of winning reelection to the party's top post an almost shoo in.

The heavy weights within the LDP have to start talking before anyone will take anything seriously.

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Puppet by any chance?

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It has to to more that women's empowerment, shallots, it has to be family focused inclusion. Seiko Noda comes over as an political opportunist. As a women I want a winner not and wannabe wishful thinker.

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Yet another Japanese politician that inherited the position from her family, beware.

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Hi shallots, Credible economic polices, Seiko Noda is nothing more than a stalking horse politically, Japan is dependent on factional lead government.

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Being unfamiliar with Japanese politics at this level, what makes her less qualified than Abe? I'm curious.

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There is always a wannabe that never was or will be capable  or competent to lead anything more that a belief that female empowerment is enough to rule and serve a nation.     

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