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October still opportune time for Japan to raise sales tax: Moody's

By Stanley White

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Japan will be destroyed by this tax! The 8% increase a few years ago brought nothing but further debts and more unemployment with our youth

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They should do it gradually, 1% at a time, to 9% at first.

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They should only do if certain fiscal targets are met.

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The cost of living will be 2% higher !

Will Japanese companies be giving their staff pay raises to compensate?

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The black market will thrive... buy the same item 10% cheaper...

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The cost of living will be 2% higher !

Not unless you pay consumer tax on your rent!

Will Japanese companies be giving their staff pay raises to compensate?

Oh, yessss! Of couurrrrrrrse!

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I don’t rent.....

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Actually living cost will go up more than 2 percent. A lot of companies will pass the cost on to the consumer.

I wonder how much smaller a bag of chips can possibly get at this point.

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Newsflash for the economic geniuses who plan on this tax hike - it's a bad idea. Cut wasteful spending instead.

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The reality, though, is that the increase to 10% will not completely offset the impact of aged nursing and other social costs, and so their thoughts is that a special study group, to be enjoined shortly after by the politicians, will start to point to sales tax levels overseas and call for additional increases here at home. While this logic may or may not be accepted, the government will first have to reduce corporate tax rates significantly, or otherwise risk putting an increasing number of corporations out of business. It is believed within this year, the government will also start floating trial balloons to increase the retirement age, perhaps by offering people who defer their pensions some special tax incentives so as to stay on the job.

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