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Politics is faster, more effective in Tokyo, Koike says

By Linda Sieg and Ami Miyazaki

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I still don't know what Koike's biggest accomplishment is.

People give her points for standing up to the Old Boys Network but I don't think she's battling them because of ideological differences but just because they've been holding her back. It's just a personal grudge on being a woman in Japanese politics.

She supports the conservative textbook reform, She supported changing the constitution, She visits Yasukuni yearly...

People are just so infatuated with a female becoming prime minister that they can't see she's just another career politician with the exact same ideas as the PM you got now.

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Faster? She took a year to decide the new fish market relocation plan. Only finally making her mind up before an election so it wouldn't be used against her.

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Don't get me wrong, if I could choose between Koike and Abe, I would choose Koike but she comes with her own problems.

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seems like a breath of clean air, but a member of nippon kaigi.

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Meet the new boss, same as the old boss (but wears a skirt and blouse)

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a member of nippon kaigi

No. She is not. She was (but not now) a member of Nippon Kaigi Kokkai Giin Kondankai, which many are confused with Nippon Kaigi. They are thinly related but not same.

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thank you @socrateos. when you say thinly related, i will research. she is also ex LDP. we need new leadership, i hope she is it.

Discussion Group of Nippon Kaigi Diet Members (Nippon Kaigi kokkai giin kondankai – 日本会議国会議員懇談会), argues for patriotic education and opposes a "masochistic view of history

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I like Koike, certainly relative to Abe but at the same time don't hold high hopes.

"I want to create regulations to firmly promote the policies

blah blah blah!

All the politicians talk like this and it's just a matter of competence as to which is better.

What would be ideal is a politician that doesn't want government to micromanage the country / metropolis at all with numerous regulations, but at minimum rams through fundamental changes to the way the country is run so that it can move quickly, in whatever direction the voters choose.

Then the voters might have a real incentive to think more carefully about who to vote for. Right now it doesn't really mean much with the bureaucrats running the shipwreck.

The US frankly seems similarly afflicted.

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when you say thinly related, i will research...

In a recent interview, she explains briefly why she distances herself from the group despite her name in the membership list.


It's a lengthy interview, so you may want to jump to 45:15.

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