Russia rejects territorial talks with Japan


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Now that's not really news.

They will never return those islands. Putin would look like a looser.

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For all the voters who placed their trust in Abe and the LDP, chalk up another victory for you! Nothing with Russia, nothing with N. Korea and the abduction issue, relations have never been good with the PRC and no initiative toward improvement, and now he has a real problem with S. Korea. trump is whining about the security treaty and we still don't know what kind of tariffs he's going to hit Japan with until AFTER the election and we don't hear anything about Abenomics anymore because Abe would like us to forget about it. We have forgotten about Fukushima, and all eyes are now turned toward the passing of the "cultural hero" Johnny Kitagawa and the Olympics are on everyone's radar. Child abuse and neglect is rampant, no social safety nets for the disenfranchised and an ever decreasing population threatens the social and economic fabric of the country. Russia and the northern islands was only to satisfy his nationalist base who still ride around in their black trucks with speakers blaring ugly fascist music. Just an ol' retiree ranting folks...

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Those who support Abe often tout his diplomatic flair but it’s obvious he’s got none. He just sold off the other two of the four islands for nothing. Japan has nothing to lose by not signing a peace treaty with Russia. There’s no need to rush into an agreement.

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No military, no diplomacy.

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Just an ol' retiree ranting folks...

This is a good summary of domestic and international issues Japan faces all in one paragraph.

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Its not fair. Those islands are Japanese. Give them back Putin, or there will be further trade sanctions on Russia. Take them to International Court for Justice.

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Shocked I say, shocked!

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Japan played themselves! LOL!

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"Opposition lawmakers in Japan condemned the latest agreement as a shift in the Abe government's policy on the islands, to now seek the return of two of them rather than all four."

And this is why the original deal way back when failed, and it is why they will continue to get zero back. Abe had a chance, here, but once he left Putin after the talks last time and the right got fiesty about the possibility of getting only two islands back, Abe said something, "It's a stepping stone to getting the remaining two back later" and declared it a victory. Boom. Scuttled. Then as if to kick a dead horse, you had the politician recently saying Japan should go to war with Russia to get the islands back. Boom. Again.

They are Russian islands. Deal with it, Japan.

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Those islands belongs to Russia now

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1956 joint declaration is considered to be legally binding in Japan. But the peace treaty is seriously needed by the two countries for security and prosperity of Far East Asia. Some practical alternatives should be considered.

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Japan surrendered to Russia then Russia took the islands?

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Putin going to milk that Japan cow for as long as it takes.

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What incentive does the dictator of Russia have to play nice with Japan?

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It is pointless to return these islands now in 2019.

And the people living there are now ethnically Russians.

Japanese politicians should put their hearts at ease and look forward

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A good leader considers all angles and knows what promises he can deliver, which ones he might be able to swing and those he has no realistic chance to succeed on. Getting any nation to voluntarily give up territory in this day and age is just not going to happen. Especially if it is a strong nation. Russia is not only strong, it is stubborn. Putin will never give up territory unless he has no other alternative, or unless giving it away gets him something he wants more.

Abe needs better advisers.

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Russia has rejected starting talks with Japan on the return of two disputed islands despite an agreement last year

Russia already offered them and Japan said no. Can't blame this on Russia, Japan gave up their chance.

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Ganbare Japan: "Those islands are Japanese. Give them back Putin, or there will be further trade sanctions on Russia. Take them to International Court for Justice."

Putin knows that any Islands returned to Japan will end up in US hands and will be used as US military bases. Until Japan regains its sovereignty, removes US military bases, it will be considered an American proxy. Japan needs to form partnerships with its Asian/Pacific  neighbours and start to see the US for what it is; an occupying force.

Why would Russia give the US more island on which to establish bases to continue surrounding Russia?

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Reckless: "Japan surrendered to Russia then Russia took the islands?"

Wrong. Japan surrendered to the US after debating which nation to surrender to, choosing the US because they are part of the Geneva convention, which Russia was not, and because they knew Russia would take over their nation completely. However, the end of the war was not formalized for six days or so after their surrender, during which Russia seized the lands (which some argue Japan took originally to begin with in the Sino-Russo war).

Learn some history, bro.

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Abe doing the best to his big Party, the elections coming soon. He deserves a great prize, such as a progressive jackpot! All of his populist reputation of all his supporters indicatied until now the majority in Japan, turned out to be honored "Jack of all trades and master of none"...

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Japan should ask for two of the islands back in return for not moving the US bases to Nemuro. That might get Russia's attention.

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@smithinjapan, you missed my point "bro" and may want to hit the books yourself. Japan and Russia were neutral until close to the end of the war with the US then Russia opportunistically declared war against Japan. My point is that Japan surrendering to the US is not a basis to say that Russia was wrong to invade the northern islands because Japan and Russia were still at war.

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I hope it didn't play out the way it looks in that picture. Lol.

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Smith in Japan, what Sino Russo War?

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So Japan just tells Amerika to leave! I mean, Japan does belong to the Japanese. Right?

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Predictable. So what is Japan's plans now? Capitulate?

Russia will never surrender or return the islands to Japan. When you look at a map of the region, those islands are a gateway between the Sea of Okhotsk and the Pacific Ocean. If Russia were to lose control of those islands, their concern access to the Pacific Ocean will be restricted and their Russian Navy bottled up, which they don't want to happen. Furthermore, the islands contain resources that Russia wants to exploit for their purpose and security.

With Russia gaining increased access to the Pacific Ocean and China dominating the South China Sea and East China Sea up to proximity of Okinawa (eventually will happen when U.S. military is ousted from Okinawa and Chinese expansionism in region unchallenged), it will be interesting to see how Japan will handle being boxed in by Russia and Chinese military maritime presence on both sides. By then, it will be too late.

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Russia is not foolish, if any single island returns to japan is a US military post possessing threat to Russia's security! Japan couldn't decide  the use of those islands! So it is reasonable and fair for Russia not returning those islands! And Russia is not afraid of sanctions!

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the Japanese are manipulating the facts "in order to conceal from the international community the present conditions specified in the declaration and to turn the situation in their favor. The USSR authorities, as a gesture of goodwill, were ready to give Shikotan Island and the Habomai rock group. To do this, Tokyo was required to document documenting Moscow that Japan would never enter into international agreements against the Soviet Union. The corresponding condition was included in the 1956 declaration. However, some time later, the Land of the Rising Sun concluded an agreement on military cooperation with the United States, which automatically annulled a document signed with the USSR.

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