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Russia to move troops into new barracks on disputed islands near Japan

By Andrew Osborn

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If I had the choice of -40 Siberia or the Arctic, and I was a Russian soldier, eating crab and wonderful Japanese seafood would be a promotion.

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More results from high level talks.

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Troops need a place to live to do their jobs, I don't see what the problem is.

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eating crab and wonderful Japanese seafood would be a promotion.

but thats just it its not Japanese seafood, Russian islands, Russian waters = Russian seafood

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Russian islands, Russian waters = Russian seafood

Most nations recognize the Northern territories as Japanese. Therefore, the seafood caught and eaten in the islands is Japanese seafood. Very delicious, especially uni.

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Well done, Russia!

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Can't change history, but if the Imperial Japanese forces had surrendered before Russia joined the war, then Russia might not have gained possession of this territory, or of North Korea.

At the February, 1945 Yalta Conference, Stalin agreed that the USSR would join the war against Imperial Japan three months after the war in Europe was over. Germany stopped hostilities on May 8th, 1945, and attacked Japan on August 8th, 1945.

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Most nations recognize the Northern territories as Japanese. Therefore, the seafood caught and eaten in the islands is Japanese seafood. Very delicious, especially uni.

wrong again, according to international law at the time, Japan and Russia agreed that the islands would evntaully be returned after they signed a peace treaty, since no peace treaty has yet to be signed that makes the islands currently owned and under Russia control, any seafood caught in waters around those islands is "delicious Russian seafood"

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@1glenn : Josef Stalin has better intelligence than anyone during WW2! He avoided a war with Japan through diplomatic channel in 1941 after a hardcore fighting in Nohminhan 1939,Mongolia! And he seized the weakest moment of Japan in August 1945 to wage war at Japan which gained stronghold in Manchuria and later consequeces is the rise of Comminist China and Communist Korea!  He always one step ahead of the others! If the Soviet Union has a strong navy in the Pacific, the Russians could have takeover the Hokaido island!

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Most nations recognize the Northern territories as Japanese

Do they? I think most countries are neutral and not involved.

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I wonder how you say "jerking around" in Japanese. That is what Putin has been doing to Abe on the NT issue. Japanese diplomacy is weak to begin with. Russia will never return those islands--even though they are in the wrong--so the Japanese might as well face the fact.

If it had not been for Gen Douglas MacArthur, the Soviets would have occupied one half of Hokkaido as well. MacArthur told Soviet diplomats in Tokyo in 1945, "If one Soviet soldier sets foot in Hokkaido there will be hell to pay." Most Japanese do not know, and thus do not appreciate, what MacArthur did for Japan after the war.

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Russia never had any intention of returning those islands or any other land they have grabbed. There is no reason for Russia to fortify the islands except as a threat aimed at Japan. A couple of policemen and a small anti smuggling detachment is all that is really needed. Japan is in reality no military threat to Russia.

The only treason to whine about a defensive missile system in Japan is if you want to fire missiles at them.k

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The major reason why Japan was not occupied by both the USA and the USSR is that Imperial Japan surrendered before an invasion of the home islands was necessary. If it had been necessary to invade Japan, the US probably would have accepted Soviet aid in the form of troops, which would have likely resulted in the Soviet occupation of a large part of what today is known as Japan.

The New York Times reported that it was Truman who told Stalin not to invade Japan.


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Better that the Russians are on the Islands. If they weren't, the USA would try and set up their own bases on the Islands for sure.

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Another example of why GOJ JMSDF needs to retrofit it’s Helocopter Destroyer into a fixed wing capable Carrier. China & NK are not the only threats to SEATO in the Asian Pacific Region ! Japancould be the next”Sleepin Giant” if they let their guard down!! All these small atolls being converted into forward military installations are being fitted with Aircraft landing strips for more reasons than to resupply there inhabitants with food and water!!! For evil to grow, good only. Needs to standby and do - Nothing!!!

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More than Russia I see Japan preparing for war. Russia has always been militant. Our Dear PM is now militarizing and the next PM will pull the trigger. Abe is now laying the groundwork. Pity. Sides quickly will be taken. We can all see who will be siding with who. We need a good statesman here; someone who knows how to see things from the other’s point-of-view and negotiate intelligently. We don’t have that now. We need a win-win mentality which at present doesn’t exist. We’re still at a winner takes all mentality. The more things change indeed the more they do remain the same. We don’t learn.

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Those who claim IJ's annexation of the peninsula illegal but Russia's occupation legal are all scum of the earth

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Threats against Japan comes from every side, that's why a stronger military is necessary. Our neighbors are more aggressive every single day. Including threats of nuclear destruction of Japan.

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show them omotenashi

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Japan should fortify the Senkaku, and South Korea the Dokdo

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@Ganbare Japan!

Most nations recognize the Northern territories as Japanese.

Most nations do not. Just ask Japan's immediate neighbors, all of who pay fishing tax to Russia to fish there.

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