S Korea's Moon to visit China for trilateral talks with Japan

By Hyonhee Shin

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Moon Jae-in has made several mistakes since becoming PM of S. Korea, one of them is worsening relations with Japan, backing away from the 2015 comfort women deal, getting to close to North Korea without Kim giving up Nuclear Weapons as promised or stopping aggressive moves like missile testing.

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Moon is an highly unhinged individual who has no business being a 'leader of Korea' despite his rabid fan base on this website.

Moon is keeping his nation in the dark ages.

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Moon is hoping that Xi will side with him against Abe. Just like he hoped the UN, WTO, the US. and everyone's 어머니 would side with South Korea against Japan. Right now China-Japan relations are better than ever, much of it generated by the deterioration in China-US relations and trade. The US is not happy with South Korea at all for disrupting their East Asia strategic position. And they aren't going to be happy about Moon going running to China either. Moon believes that Japan is destroying South Korea's tech export industry. But from Xi's view, China would be very happy to displace the market shares held by SK companies like Samsung and LG. Moon will beg Xi to convince Abe that South Korea should be put back on Japan's White List, even though South Korea has not complied with it's requirements. Considering that China has never even been on Japan's White List don't see much sympathy comming from Xi. Looks to me like Moon is once again doing the wrong thing for South Korea as he is incapable of doing anything else.

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If a nation collectively agree to commit suicide to preserve, say , their dignity, I won't fault them. SK and President Moon, I presume have able advisors. Moon will do what is First good for SK . ( Small ) Nations with so much clout, like SK don't come about by accidental mistakes, they do so by having visionary leaders. Of all the ruckus in that region, my biggest regret and prayer is that one day, SK and NK will overcome their differences and be one voice. The world will realize what we've been missing out on . I'm sure , should that happen, Japan will be a distant " has been" nation, just to be sure, I don't mean it in a bad way.

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The idea that a unified Korea could ever reach, much less pass Japan is a joke. According to the preamble to the North Korean constitution the national goal is unification of the Korean Penninsula under the Kim Regime.

Even if Korea were unfied under South Korean control to absorb and bring North Korea up to standards would bankrupt South Korea.

By GDP ranking Japan is #3, South Korea #11, and North Korea is #200.

Japan GDP (IMF '19) 5.18 trillion GDP(UN '16) 4.94 trillion GDP Per Capita USD 40,802

South Korea 1.66 trillion 1.41 trillion USD 32,341

North Korea - 16.79 billion USD 654

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I wish our neighbors the very best in their quest for unification. There are too many divided countries in the world and too many people seeking to keep them divided.

That doesn't mean I approve of current leaders.

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There's no fight like a sibling's fight. SK and NK are at each other's throats right now, all thanks to the original devil . SK came from nowhere to being somewhere today in less than a couple generations.. True , in the beginning it's gonna be hard to absorb NK but the long term benefits brought by the resultant peace will be a good catalyst.

As of now, NK wants unification under its terms , so does SK want it under its own term because both regard the others' citizenry as its own ( almost likeTaiwan - China affair) .

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Cogito Ergo SumDec. 11  10:41 pm JST

There's no fight like a sibling's fight. SK and NK are at each other's throats right now, all thanks to the original devil .

What "original devil"? There is no devil other than the Koreans themselves. If the U.S. had complete control of the Korean Peninsula it would entirely be the ROK. But that was stopped by the USSR(Russia) and they could not have done so without Kim Il Song. And last I checked, he was Korean.

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