S Korea, Japan, U.S. to hold meeting on Monday over N Korea issues


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Get Megumi-san back or her ashes

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Japan should not get involved in Korea's internal matters, in this case their civil war.

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Japan should not get involved in Korea's internal matters, in this case their civil war.

Nice to say but look at a map. Were the Korean peninsula to fall to the Communists, Japan would be next. Half my family is in Shanghai. They all hate the Japanese. Hate them passionately. China burns for revenge for WWII (even as that coward Mao ran and hid in the north and did no fighting, instead waiting for Stalin and the Red Army to drive the Japanese out for him so his well rested and freshly armed troops could turn their attention to the Nationalists who were tired from fighting the Japanese for the past decade). If China ever has a chance they will gleefully decimate Japanese cities. Don't be naive. A fight to defend South Korea is very much a fight to defend Japan itself.

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It is interesting that Mr. Biden was able to convince Mr. Moon to sign on to the ideas of promoting peace and stability in the Taiwan Straits and South China Sea. That is the first time the South Koreans made any mention of these matters. Time will tell how much energy South Korea devotes to this but just the statement was enough to earn a scolding from the Chinese, who told them

"As friendly neighbors and strategic partners, China and the Republic of Korea should know well the rights and wrongs, stick to the correct position, abide by political consensus and never be misled,"

Stick to the correct position and bow to your master. The CCP trying to restore the middle kingdom where surrounding states are vassals and tributary states.

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But Kim Yo Jong -- a key adviser to her brother -- appeared to dismiss the prospects for an early resumption of negotiations.

Does NK want to have a dialogue with the US? Not according to Kim's sister. The current Biden administration has not set a tone to give NK the desire to negotiate with them. Trump's approach had a more positive response and Biden is going to have to re-adapt his strategy .

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