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Some products likely to get exempted from U.S. tariffs, says Japan's trade minister

By Ami Miyazaki

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Separately, Japan is seeking a country exemption. ... That is only about 5 percent of Japan’s total steel exports....

The problem is that Japan is approaching this logically. As Trump sees it, Japan has a huge surplus with the US and therefore must be punished. The fact that that's not true (Japan bounces back and forth between deficits and surpluses with the US) does not matter. It's all symbolic.

Best would be to grovel and praise Trump's genius and exaggerate that some empty concessions are all due to Trump's brilliant negotiating acumen. That's the best way to continue business as usual.

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Message to Japan:

If the US wants to impose trade tarrifs on specific products, then do the same with specific products (just like you already do with rice). Particularly with different states' signature products.

Example: bourbon (KY), brocolli (CA), soy beans (the entire Mid-West), etc

Very quickly, those states' senators and congressmen will listen.

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what exemptions will you make for US products, Japan?

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what exemptions will you make for US products, Japan?

I think Japan already allows a disproportionate number of American idiots. Certainly, there's a serious trade imbalance there.

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Wonderful news, but expected. Canada,Australia and even Mexico get exemptions,then it is only fair and just Japan - USAs Number One Ally,and USAs co-enforcer in East Asia - gets the exemption too.

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what exemptions will you make for US products, Japan?

Japan can cancel the import quota of US rice, which US prohibits Japan from giving or throwing away.

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Now we know that "tariffs" perse imposed does not mean that they can be made specific and "allow" changes such as exemptions. The rates can be changed and items can be exempted.

As again, Trump stimulated "awareness" of the need to change perspective on "fairness" in trade and forced "discussion" to take place. The results are that tariffs can be "adjusted" or even be "removed" to make it "fair" between the parties involved. But that does not mean that there will be "equal" benefits or consequences for the countries, because each country has different needs and wants. (That is why "group" mentality such as EU or TPP sometimes becomes unfair for some of the members.)

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exempting one country and enforcing tariff on the other is a bad idea to begin with.

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The WTO imposed that not America and Japan is free to sell the rice to Japanese but instead stores it in silos for two years and unfit for human consumption then sells it on for animal feed.

WTO has nothing to do.  It was decided during TPP negotiations.  Japan stores it in silos because not many Japanese want to buy non-Japanese rice except cheap snack makers.

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Zichi is right Short grain ae cultivate in Northern California by Japanese farmers in Calif. Botan bra, Koshihiiikarii. and seveeral more brands. Tastier than rice from northen Jaan's poor. farm. Product

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