String of missteps slash Abe's support rates

By Linda Sieg

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Step down? Not a big fan of precedence but he certainly needs to fall on something sharp. The man is so out of touch, has no empathy for anyone except his close circle who he has consistently supported with tax payer money. He has done absolutely nothing to improve the lives of Japanese people, rather raise taxes while reducing company tax. His legacy is one of massive poverty and servitude for masses of his (dare I say it) minions.

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He won the governorship against a candidate backed by the LDP.

He’s hardly likely to be chosen as their leader....

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If Abe steps down, please take Koike with you! Thanks a lot!

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That mask looks a bit small. Or maybe Abe’s head is too big.

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If Abe's approval rating drops much lower, he has no choice but to slide in a law under the table to solve the problem...

Seriously, it is disgusting to use the coronavirus pandemic as a distraction to enact highly questionable, self-serving laws. Japan should be for the people, not for "Abe&Friends". Stop this man from turning Japan into an oligarchy state.

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When you put the minister for economic revitalization in charge of the response to a pandemic, not like, a doctor or someone who actually knows how viruses work, what else do you expect?

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It has been a oligarchy state for 70 years, just with manners now for a moment the people are waking up a little. Self serving laws are stock and trade for the LDP. What happened to their promise to reduce the number of representatives? One lying leads to more. Leaders need people to believe the lying to maintain their exulted position no matter what.

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Also, please not another out of touch oldman, how about a young person or a lady in, let's get some fresh ideas and fresh blood !!! Let's get Japan out of the 1920's and into the year 2020

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Bob FosseToday  05:04 pm JST

That mask looks a bit small. Or maybe Abe’s head is too big.

Haha! It must be due to all the hot air he's talking ;)

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In the pic, Abe is wearing one of his Abenomasks. They are that small. Mine arrived today.

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klausdorthToday  04:11 pm JST

If it was me to decide, how about the governor of Osaka?

Young, ideas, always present, speaking the "people's tongue".

But who am I to decide?

He would be a good leader, compared to Abe at least. However, he's not part of the LDP -- but even if he was, the LDP is never going to choose someone young with ideas who wants to change things. "Young", "ideas", and "change" are against everything the LDP stands for. Not to mention, Kanto generally seems to stuck up to want a national leader who hails from Osaka.

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I still haven't even received my postal APPLICATION for the 100,000 yen yet -- you know, the money that was going to be "rushed" and we would all have by May? Then mid-may. then applications for sure by mid-May. It's now the end of May.

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Missteps?? Or being caught?

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zichiToday  06:13 pm JST

We received our postal application last week with payments made next month. I think the delays are caused by the local governments not the central one.

The fish rots from the head down. The blame rests with Abe. It's being run like a Japanese business. The company president can't decide what he wants. When he finally makes a decision he offers no leadership or logistical support to roll out what his "decision".

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HOW abt Young Suzuki from Hokkaido or Mrs Koike. First lady prime minister ???.Will be a great improvement.

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"If there were an obvious successor, Abe might have to quit, but there doesn't seem to be anyone," said Nihon University political science professor Tomoaki Iwai. "It's the worst possible situation."

How many politicians does Japan have? Still baffling that there isn't a single one who can step up to the plate and make themselves a little less useless.

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HOW abt Young Suzuki from Hokkaido or Mrs Koike.

Koike is Abe in a skirt.

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That abenomask seems to be really tugging on his ears. It looks very uncomfortable and totally ineffective, which is why he is the only person in that photo and probably the whole room wearing one.

The new tummy ache can’t come soon enough.

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Abe's job is absolutely secured, no matter what he does. He can lie, he can bribe, and he can even launch a war if he likes, he has absolutely power. That is Japan. Because there is no alternative, he is above everyone, every law, and every justice.

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@Monty agreed. That governor of Tokyo also needs to go! For a number of reasons, and I don’t even know where to start.

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No. Koike is also Nippon Kaigi, and has done nothing but political points scoring since March.

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“The American $1200 check pay out was based on the centralised records of IRS tax returns. The Japanese ¥100,000/person is based on the localised family register. Probably why its so slow.”

And why it should have been done through the tax office.

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