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Suga asks Pfizer for additional COVID-19 vaccine supplies


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Suga: Joe, got any left over Pfizer vaccine?

Biden: I'll hook you up. I got Al from Pfizer on speed dial.

Suga: You have done a great job with getting Americans vaccinated.

Biden: Why thank you Yoshi. I made it my top priority since taking office. You know you should really focus on this and cancel those Olympics.

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Japan trails far behind Britain, the United States and elsewhere in providing vaccinations to people.

Is vaccine supply the issue? Or is it the failure to rapidly vaccinate after vaccine supply is received?

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This is Japan style of begging go see the American president and then ask for something from they so call gaijins and when everything turn out okay in the country of Japan they start to compare

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Actually, Japan has already received millions of doses from the EU that are mostly sitting in freezers.

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Japan only began inoculating about 36 million people aged 65 or older, about 29 percent of its population,

29% that's only initial group that Japan try to inoculate.

bout 0.87 percent of the population, had received at least one dose as of April 9

Less than 1% being innoculated that's the real one.

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Agree, it seems like they’re building up a supply to ramp up the number of vaccinations per day from after GW is over. Also, I think they are lacking the 6 shot syringes as of now, so inoculating with the 5 shot syringe would mean wasting precious doses. It makes sense, but then again, they could have figured all of this out 2 months earlier like the US and EU did.

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Stop relying on one vaccine and approve others for use.

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Agree with luddite

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Couldn't Suga have phoned Pfizer from Japan? Like 6 months ago?

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And run another half arsed clinical trial in Japan for the next batch?

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It seems Pfizer is the best vaccine, with Moderna. ie the ARN vaccines. In some countries, other vaccines, developed from adenovirus, are not recommended for healthy people below 55.

Hope Japan will choose Pfizer for most of us.


Both are the reasons for delays

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Actually, Japan has already received millions of doses from the EU that are mostly sitting in freezers.

thelonius, where is your proof of this? I haven't heard anything about Japan sitting on vaccines. The problem like many countries is that they are not receiving what they have ordered thanks to vaccine nationalism! Bluntly the US is not sharing their vaccines until all or most of their own people are vaccinated. So all of the Pfizer vaccines are coming from the EU factory, that has to try and supply not only the EU but Japan, Canada, Australia etc.

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There is a huge Pfizer building in Shinjuku. I wonder if they are producing any of the supplies in the country.

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Pfizer manufacturing for the vaccine is in Belgium

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Suga asks Pfizer for additional COVID-19 vaccine supplies

Is this for trading ? What ? It's not a bad idea !

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Japan doesn’t feel the urgency to take the jab. Most people I talk to in Tokyo don’t want the vaccine for fear of side effects or not wanting to be a part of an experiment. Look at the following numbers Worldometer publishes: COVID-19 number of deaths per one million population.

Taiwan, population 24 million — 0.3

Vietnam, population 98 million — 0.4

Thailand, population 70 million — 1

China, population 1,439 million — 3

Singapore, population 6 million — 5

South Korea, population 51 million — 26

Hong Kong, population 8 million — 22

Japan, population 129 million — 39

Canada, population 38 million — 500

Germany, population 84 million — 626

France, population 65 million — 1,115

Spain, population 47 million — 1,186

USA, population 332 million — 1,288

Italy, population 60 million — 1,410

UK, population 68 million — 1,429

Japan’s figures will have to get a lot worse before people line up to be vaccinated.

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What for? Doesn’t seem like your actually giving anyone the vaccine anyway..

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Sounds a bit desperate. Perhaps a change of strategy is what's needed. Offer to throw in some PS5s and all the Olympic merch they want.

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@quercetum Today 08:57 am JST


North Korea 0 deaths.

Japan do not do autopsies or even count positives of private test centers. The daily PCR tests numbers are a joke.

Even covid patients that die in a hospital won't be count as covid death if they got a negative PCR test before death.

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Japan relies solely on imported coronavirus vaccines, and Pfizer's vaccine is the only one the country has approved so far

And why is Japan unable to produce locally, what are pharma majors like Daiichi Sankyo, Takeda doing, what's the catch..

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