Newly elected head of the Liberal Democratic Party Yoshihide Suga poses for photos following his press conference in Tokyo on Monday night. Photo: Nicolas Datiche/Pool via AP

Suga pledges to balance fighting coronavirus and promoting economic activities


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OK, one thing that I know that he will do differently than Abe:

He said that he would meet with Kim Jong-un without pre-conditions.

Now I’m pretty sure that Abe wasn’t willing to do that, unless I’m forgetting something.

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Unfit for office? You obviously have not seen him in spandex doing 100 sit-ups.

When Suga makes his pilgrimage to Washington to kiss tRump's ring, it would be boss to see them both bonding in the gym doing sit ups together instead of riding a cart down the fairway. Of course, it's easier to imagine Trump in a straight jacket than in spandex.

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As long as Suga promises to bring down the three major ぼったくり

mobile providers PayU, Hard-bank and Do-takai-mou!, by making them earn less, I will be happy.

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Despite all the shortcomings as listed in this thread. I know at least small businesses will be somewhat relieved there's no 'big' changes coming and that the government will continue to print money, or borrow printed money to keep things rolling.

What Japan need is a major rejuvination, ie risk free investment boom, but that could backfire if things don't work out and an bigger bust follow. Just remember China is always waiting on the side to kick Japan in the gut at the first sign of a faltering business cycle.

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"Since there is a change of prime minister, I will venture the promotion of people who are fit to carry out my policies," expressing his intent to work toward launching a digital agency and tackle issues including revising the country's Constitution.

Interesting comment from a little man in a big chair, the way the picture shows him that was funny. "fit to carry" meaning please get a a competent experienced "Environmental Minister" not a fake one that rides daddy's coat tails but proven in the field. And lastly see that revising Constitution is moving forward. Well if it is, mandatory service for all youngsters in the Japan NEW world vision of Pacifism.

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Suga has already admitted he will not be able to do things on his own and will defer to other politicians to pull the strings for his arms, legs, and even lips. This guy is useless.

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Suga is set to become prime minister on Wednesday after a vote in the Diet.

So, it's already known he will win? Why even have a vote then? I guess the other two candidates were just for decoration?

"I'll create a cabinet that works for people," he said.

So, Abe's cabinet "DIDN'T work for people?"

 Suga, 71, Suga's term as LDP president is limited to the remainder of Abe's current three-year term through September 2021 and a lower house election must be held before Oct 21 that year.

Just zip it, ride out whatever garbage Abe made, and don't do anything stupid, and maybe you'll have a shot in the REAL election?


Make moves, make noise and make a change.

Will we see the same old same old and talk is cheap? Or can you get the people on your side Suga? The choice is yours.

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Unfit for office? You obviously have not seen him in spandex doing 100 sit-ups.

Nor have I but that's the press release.

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the man is unfit for office just like his predecessor !

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Same old, same old. No change. Representing a right-wing devoid of imagination and beholden to ideas that are simply delusional. Increasing the consumption tax, seems the mainstay of his administrative policies as he is bereft of actual ideas or conceptions that would benefit the populous and contribute to the greater good. It is the 21st century and Suga and others of his stature are more fit for the 19th century.

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Come on, he obviously has no retirement plan so I'm guessing no plan for Japan's future. Just, I really don't understand. Why continue to work? Has he not a family to enjoy? Does he feel the need to be adulated? Why?, this is so wrong on so many levels

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Cases below 50 in Tokyo “by miracle” in no time, after this statement by Suga.

Mark my words.

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Look at this guy, loom at him. Is there anyone seriously believing that he won't be out in a few months?

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Furusato Nouzei too, I believe. He has an inaka-done-good image, so maybe expect more throw-money-at-inaka type policies.

Furusato Nozei throws money at the well-off (like me). We get actual stuff in return from these furusato for simply paying our taxes. The more money you earn, the more stuff you can get. Bad policy in that way.

But in another way, I like it. Those furusato that give me stuff, which is stuff that I want, get the dosh. Similar to how things work in the real world. Rather than going to some hair-brained public spending near where I live. So it is a way to stem the flow of potentially low quality public spending. It's rich areas in parts of Tokyo that complain most loudly about furusato nozei.

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Suga for PM! This cant be more Perfect! I am so happy. :)

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CaptDingleheimer, fair enough, it is disingenuous to heckle, and boo from the galley,

Reviewing Yoshihide Suga Wikipedia

Suga san is well educated lawyer.

He was elected to the Yokohama City Council in April 1987, campaigning door-to-door on foot, visiting as many as 30,000 houses and wearing through six pairs of shoes. He pioneered the practice of giving campaign speeches in front of busy train stations, which is now common among Japanese political candidates.

There needs to be change, however politically challenging.

Economically any government that continues to ignore the deficit, in turns fails to address debt serving, is shirking responsibility.

Yoshihide Suga is a continuation, the next in line, an incumbent, there is an identifiable lack of probity.

The role of LDP Secretary General Toshihiro Nikai is evidence, and the politically toxic faction lead block voting is a form of fake democracy.

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I think what's great about this, as a casual observer anyway, is that Suga is a totally self-made man.

Do any political trivia buffs know how many other postwar PM's were not elevated in their political careers by their family connections?

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Suga san had a charisma bypass at birth, the photo, that abject stare in the void.

The void that could soon have a ruinous effect on J economy, health and social welfare, de-pop, any attempt at reform.

Suga san, after eight year in government has little or nothing to show.

Hells teeth, what tangible evidence is there to suggest or believe otherwise?

Mr next in line, Count Shoo in.

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Wasn't he the one who pushed idiotic Go To Travel Campaign?

Furusato Nouzei too, I believe. He has an inaka-done-good image, so maybe expect more throw-money-at-inaka type policies.

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"We share the same philosophy of breaking down vested interests and promoting deregulation,"

Me too.

But Abe never did a 3rd arrow of big reforms, he only had talk about it.

Suga will need to actually produce something, not just talk.

Whether he can do much in terms of reforms in 1 year dominated by coronavirus and Olympics etc, is dubious.

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Suga plans to retain LDP Secretary General Toshihiro Nikai and Diet Affairs Committee Chairman Hiroshi Moriyama in an LDP leadership reshuffle Tuesday, LDP sources said.

Politically mi casa es su casa….What a sham.

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Just more of the same old clap-trap rubbish we heard from Abe, none of which will come into play. It’s a smoke screen for more taxes on the common people and more tax cuts for corporations with a load of other BS thrown in to keep the minions in belief.

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Suga, 71,

Pretty much sums up all you need to know.

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Doesn't have a point of view

Knows what where he's going to

Isn't he a bit like you and me?

He's definitely a nowhere man.

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Wasn't he the one who pushed idiotic Go To Travel Campaign?

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IMHO he comes off as mediocre, hopefully his cabinet is less so.

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Already jumping to attack Suga before he even had a chance to do anything.

That's because it is pretty well know what he will do. You really think this was about change and rooting out corruption?

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He looks tired already...

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I can't understand why a few of our LDP apologists want us to give Suga a chance to make his mark. Of course he will continue the policies that have been handed down by the cabal known as Nippon Kaigi. They do not have the interest of the public at heart, they only want to retain power and care for their own.

So I'm sorry I will not cut Suga a break, unless he does something out of the ordinary in his first few days, which I do not expect to happen.

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Hi Jobs sucks, hence place the mouth piece at the sphincter of the LDP just before we all get splattered on. Dark times ahead I fear.

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Doesn't have a point of view

Knows what where he's going to

Isn't he a bit like you and me?

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That desk looks too big for him and the sterile background of serried ranks of boring, stiff-backed books that nobody has read must be symbolic in some way like the two tired-looking flags leaning over to him. Throw in his thousand-yard stare and comb over and Suga looks like the perfect Manchurian candidate for the LDP's backroom boys. Now all that was needed was, "Say CHEESE!" All I can say is, the photographer and his crew should be fired.

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So he wants to inherit and promote abe's policies on the pandemic? Is he planning on making his own masks too? The last I remember, Abe didn't have a plan save for his mask and that's why his tummy started acting up. Now Abe can pull the strings in the back without any stress; just what the doc ordered.

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Already jumping to attack Suga before he even had a chance to do anything.

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I'm just relieved Kono didn't get anywhere in this process along with his pink brief case (I assume that's where he keeps his UFO X-files) LOL. Looking forward to a new cabinet room.

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More pledges. I can see the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

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The face of Japan, old out of touch, self absorbed, clinging to the idea that the 80s aren't over. Tax everyone to ensure they maintain their lifestyle doing nothing to improve anyone else's. This farce of political machinations makes me sick.

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