Suga, wife have dinner with Jill Biden


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Am I the only one that thinks it was probably an awkward dinner?

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.... got to admire their nerve though, dressng like that. (⌒▽⌒)

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Enjoy it. The Mrs. is really enjoying herself these last months: trips abroad, lavish dinners, wardrobe, … (all at the taxpayers’ expense, btw)

Akie is probably beside herself!

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Are they all wearing socks?

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I wonder how long after the photographers left they ended their charade with the masks?

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If Anyone here is offended, “sorry”, but… ‘the gloves are off ‘ for ANY of the IOCLDPJOC and their guests these next weeks because of their flaunted GREED.

Keep in mind their mantra: “At ANY Cost!

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jiji XxToday  06:49 am JST

.... got to admire their nerve though, dressng like that. 

In your opinion, what is wrong with their clothing?

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Did they UberEATS a Big Mac Meal for her. Why are they wearing no shoes, strange picture.

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Mrs Biden should be in quarantine.

She has no right now to go back now to the US and encourage people to take Covid precautions. No one should even listen to her.

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Did they finish by 8:00pm and refrain from alcohol?

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Mrs Biden should be in quarantine.

I agree with you Fighto!

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She is scheduled to meet Emperor Naruhito along with other guests at the Imperial Palace on Friday

It is nice to go out, when the population of Tokyo is requested to stay home.

How about dinner?

Was it Take out?

Did you stop alcohol after 7pm?

14 days Quarantine?

Who in the US will ever listen to her anymore, after getting treated like a princess during a SOE.

Today is holiday, but even so I am on my way to work.

But at least I enjoy the empty trains today.

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Keep in mind their mantra: “At ANY Cost!

'That's been the mantra of predatory capitalists and their supporters (including the Ayn Rand Milton Friedman cultists) for the last couple centuries. And the planet today is paying the price for the greed of a small percent of the population.

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So Bitter..all of you. Shame.

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Why are they wearing no shoes

Have you ever been in Japan?

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When Suga visited the US , he only had lunch with Biden and I believe it was hamburgers the Japanese media reported. Lunch no dinner. Then Biden left for some other engagements.

Jill gets dinner and I’m sure it will be fine dining. This is hospitality.

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Barefoot is so cute.

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Have you ever been in Japan?

I'm not sleeping with the leader of the free world and taking an official promotional picture. Put your shoes on love it's not a good look.

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Nobody is asking for a gala, but that blue dress with the yellow tie Suga uses so often is just awful.

In Suga’s defense, Jill Biden’s dress looks pretty cheap too.

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Happy Olympic day Japan. So unfortunate you were the bad lucky country. But after all the money spent; Let the Games begin!!

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Suga’s wife seems more interesting than her other half who will be out of a job come the next election!

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Almost didn't see Ms. Biden there. She is trying to blend in with the flower arrangement.

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quercetumToday  07:39 am JST

When Suga visited the US , he only had lunch with Biden and I believe it was hamburgers. Lunch no dinner. Jill gets dinner and I’m sure it will be fine dining. 

How petty.

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Someone has to teach Biden how to dress.

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Just wondering…. If the Olympics were being held in the USA, and Suga stayed home and sent Mariko along to represent Japan, would she get VIP status and have dinner with the Bidens? Or would the Americans feel somewhat sup unbend?

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I understand the whole shoe protocol thing, but c'mon. Image, people. Image.

Reminds me of my early days in Japan. I went to some pointless convention about English teaching (I think. It was so boring I can't remember, and my Japanese wasn't up to much at the time so I didn't have much idea what was going on).

Anyway, some old guy, looks about 90, gets up to make some pointless speech. He's wearing a blue suit, impeccably tailored. Then my eyes are somehow directed downwards to the 100 yen green slippers.

You want to talk about culture shock, that was it right there.

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eating with an educated, intelligent, decent and caring person from the White House is a very pleasant thing,

Unless she is working in the ER, none of those words describe a person going to a country in the middle of a pandemic with some of the highest number of cases of the year. She can wine and dine while the rest of the city suffers.

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""The two also discussed education among other topics, it said.""

FREE EDUCATION to all is the only path forward, just look at benefits Norway, Finland, Germany, Canada and so on are gaining from it.

Kids can't progress and educate themselves if they have to pay these enormous fees.

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What's with all this NEGATIVITY people!? STRESS?

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Not gonna take any cheap shots at the fashion the three are wearing- to my eye they look just fine.

My problem is, once again, the whole "rules for thee but not for me" ethos that is being flaunted. There is no reason for Mrs. Biden to be in Tokyo. No compelling issues of diplomacy or economics. It is just purely political theatre. Now for her to go back to the US and encourage quarantines, masking, etc, will very much ring hollow.

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"The government is reluctant to call for more supply than already agreed upon, as many poorer countries are much further behind in their vaccination efforts."


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Asiaman7Today  07:03 am JST

everything! (^_-)

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I voted for Biden and I am disgusted the first lady is here with absolutely zero quarantine. Please keep in mind it is not only her but the required enterouge to support her as well, which is not small. More press will be coming merely to cover her visit also.

As an American living here I "get it from both ends" on this one as my U.S. taxes are financing her trip here (millions of dollars) and then my Japanese taxes are now financing what will be a lavish extravagent experience for her - on top of the Olympics itself.

The "normal person" in the world (those of us who write comments here on this website) these days gets the shaft and these folks look down on us as if we are "peasants" or their cattle to milk for more tax money.

The whole world seems to be in a sad state of affairs now and the Olympic games seem to be a microcosm of the state of things now.

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Aw how romantic

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Jill Biden. I did not vote for her - as I recall, she was not on the ballot. Japan is a supposed world power, member of the G7 and the USA sends the president's wife. Besides the costs and absurdity.

Do the Generals of top nations send their spouses to NATO meetings. A school teacher (no offense to school teachers) but not exactly a geopolitical wizards. Nor any manner of government official. The citation, above, that she is a nice intelligent person, is based on what? She is acting as a functionary of the U.S. government, in a diplomatic mission, for which the qualification 'nice person' is none at all. World leaders travelling to the Olympics are not primarily watching the games, they are meeting with Suga and so-to-speak, 'horse trading'. As if a lawyer defending a client or a neurosurgeon would send his school teacher wife. Biden, a hollow man, has been in office for fifty years and embraces entitlement & privilege - and is so beyond the pale4, he sends his wife to meet with the prime minister of Japan. An Ivanka moment.

Kudos to PTownsend

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Anything above a set of a hamburger served with a miso soup would be an insult to higher leveled cuisine and good food. lol

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got to admire their nerve though, dressng like that

well Japanese do love their cherry blossoms, and the National Seal of Japan, also called the Chrysanthemum Seal is a Chrysanthemum flower used for over 800yrs, dont think the PM or the Imperial family would have any problem with it

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What's with all this NEGATIVITY people!? STRESS?

Saltiness, oh how sweet it is lol

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.... Why?

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I can't believe Mr suga would wear that color tie. What does he think he's the emperor or something?

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I can't believe Mr suga would wear that color tie. What does he think he's the emperor or something?

Ah, poor Suga-san. He can't even pick a tie without someone throwing a stone at him. Did he really WANT to be PM? And, if so, why? There doesn't seem to be a lot of reward in it for him. At least his wife seems to be proud to stand next to him and that's all the reward a good man really needs...

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