Too soon to talk about post-Abe era, says Suga


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Abe is saying: "Suga's face-nappy isn't as good as my face-nappy, which I'm not wearing". But in all seriousness, I don't see what Abe has left to say in office for.

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He might resign or either keep until the end of his mandate.

In the end it won’t really matter because another member of the Nippon Kaigi will take the helm of the government which means little will change.

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Suga will be a great PM. Expert liar.

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more of the same old if Abe steps down soon..sigh.

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B-but Abe can't retire until he has achieved constitutional revision and placated the ghost of his war-criminal grandpappy, PM Kishi. Btw, thanks America for letting all those criminals off the hook after the war and allowing the Japanese to engage in mass denial for 70 years.

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And yet everyone is talking about it.

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Too soon? Never!

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@Ego Sum Lux Mundi,

Best comment on here ever........totally spot on.

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@Ego Sum Lux Mundi,

You have nailed it.

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The photo is not encouraging.

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Suga is "main offender" that expanded infection by infamous domestic travel campaign.

Number of Corona virus fatality also increased since travel campaign.

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Time off, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Premiership can be defined by an exceptional foreign policy.

Golf with President Trump, a singular ability to diplomatically deflect from Akie Abe, how can I state this,

objection to fancy bling and sparkly things associated with the US current administration.

In essence it may be a time to take a leap of judgement, a move to curtail "factionized" government, wishful thinking.

And take a leap into the unknown. Out with the old.

Grandma must be spinning.

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Whoever takes a leadership in the Liberal Democratic Party, the term is until next year. (Maybe after Olympic?)

I hope a prime minister show his/her leadership by the term and a leader who can count on appear from opposition parties to deal with diplomacy and economy

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No, let's talk a lot about Abe's potential successors.

It's the least we should be doing after the series of blunders we've had to put up with...

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When the going gets tough, Abe gets sick.

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Too soon to talk about post-Abe era, says Suga

Ah, but we can dream, can't we?

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Too soon to talk about post-Abe era, says Suga

Et tu, Brute?

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It is reckless to think Abe-san has done a good job, as if we hadn't had enough.

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RecklessAug. 26  10:51 pm JST

I think Abe-san has done a good job...


...and the next one will surely be worse.

Because Abe's so well-qualified (i.e. his father and grandfather were both top-level politicians), experienced (a few months as chief cabinet secretary before he became PM in 2007, and years of LDP backroom politics before his second term) and accomplished (no... racking my brains over that one, can't think of anything)?

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Just imagine if he announces that he's got the virus..

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RecklessToday  11:11 am JST

My personal situation under Abe has been rather prosperous, stable and healthy.

That's nice. I'm doing okay as well but I wouldn't give Abe any credit for it.

Really with the demographic cliff, the massive rise in retirees and coronavirus what do you expect him to do? He is not a god.

Is that a tacit admission that he has in fact done not very much?

The next guy will probably offer a few useless schemes as usual.

Like Abenomics, Abenomasks, Go To Travel and constitutional revision?

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RecklessAug. 27  10:21 pm JST

I think so if you're going to criticize Abe you should propose concrete ideas.

Why? I'm not a politician, I can't vote or run for office unless I choose Japanese nationality (no thanks), so any concrete ideas I might have will never be acted upon.

Growing an economy with a growing population is like skiing downhill but when that growth stops it's like skiing over a flat area which is extremely difficult. And the falling population is like skiing uphill, good good luck with that.

Sounds like you're making excuses for Abe here. The top people in the public and private sectors are supposed to be getting their heads together and coming up with the "concrete ideas." That's what they're raking in the big salaries for - provided by the taxpayer in Abe's case.

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