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Trump, Abe cap visit with golf outing


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U.S. President Donald Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe shared their love of golf on a sunny, windy Saturday at the president's northern Virginia course.

What a disgusting waste of taxpayer money going directly into Donny's pocket.

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Watch out Abe, Trump cheats at golf too, just like everything else he does!

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Trump, Abe cap visit with golf outing

I believe it is very fitting, since PM Abe is the Jack Niclaus of world politics. PM Abe always shoots a hole in one.

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Sounds like PM Abe and Trump are cementing their relationship as the world's 2 closest Leaders. And doing deals on the golf course which is productive for both Nations.

Meantime Melania Trump and Akie Abe visited the Washington Monument

Sounds like the girls got the boring task while the boys had fun!!

PM Abe always shoots a hole in one.

Lol! PM Abe is an excellent golf player and sportsmen but I've never heard he shoots hole-in-one yet! Maybe next round with Trump!

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Abe: Donnie, looks like you shot a 120...

Trump: What? I shot a 60 - a new course record - never been done before, even Tiger Woods could only shoot a 65, I'm the Greatest...mark my words, mark my words....

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Great... no big deal politically, though may be news.

To play golf is like some playing tennis. It is good for health as well as to get to know each other's character while "sharing" some "private time". Some things are worth discussing over a different kind of "pressure". Both sides will get to know the "unannounced", "unpublished" and "less politically influenced" thoughts, opinions and ideas from each other. That is something all persons from Presidents to even a child needs.

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