Trump eyes talks with Japan, China, Russia on sidelines of G20


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Trump is looking forward to a very very very beautiful and good meeting with China and the rest! Very, very, good, and very, very, very important.

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Once upon a time, not that long ago, the President of the United States would walk into one of these summits and people would know that one of the most powerful people on earth had arrived. Now, with Cheetos in the Oval Office, they know that one of the most pathetic people on earth somehow got invited.

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Japan so he can tell Abe what do to next, China so he can talk about how much he wishes he were like Xi, and Russia so he can shove his head further up Putin's backside and beg.

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Good luck with those talks, haha.

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The US is now a liability to the world and the sooner the nations of the world sideline the US the sooner there will be peace. The nations of the world can no longer afford to keep appeasing the US.

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trump cannot help being manipulative, can he ???.

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Before even sitting down with this "person", the leaders of these countries only need to see the look in this "man's" eyes in this pic to know exactly what they are dealing with. Honestly, is it just me or does it look like he should be eyeing talks with a mental health professional?

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