Trump says he backs Abe's efforts to talk with Iran

By Jill Colvin

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A visit is granted on threats ???.

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America is selling Iraqi peoples oil and trying to strangehold our supply, to keep Opec, US and other countries interests in dominance against alternative sources for countries. This is the reality.

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IF there is war, the propaganda machine will start with the typical scare tactics amd repetitive wording of 'WMD' and other made up things, to win over the public to prepare for war...

Its happened in both Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo wars...

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So now Abe is matching ties with Trump? lol

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Good. Maybe Abe can talk some sense into the Iranians.

So now Abe is matching ties with Trump? lol

And the guy sitting behind Abe! It's a conspiracy!

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What kind of wording is this?

"I may be right, I may be wrong."

Darned, make up your mind and confess when you're wrong!

But that would be asking too much, I know.

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All Iran has to do is kiss Trump's butt, and they'll get a much better nuclear deal (in Iran's favor) than the one they had before with Obama.

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Good. Maybe Abe can talk some sense into the Iranians.

Iranians already know the truth.

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While Bolton gets slapped twice... hard... in as many days.

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Does Iran trust any western country any anymore after Trump scrapped the "2015 Agreement" or known as J.C.P.O.A ??  This is a trap from Trump and this is how he prepares to get rid of his own responsibility or 'Faults'! Something is going to happen in middleeast!

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when i saw the first pic thought he was rapping LUL, also who care about Iran they just talk big but they don't do anything also they still have problems within their country so yeah let them talk

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From the post photo, Trump should not be touching the emperor. Will he do that again when he visits the queen?

After all the great efforts PM Abe made for Trump’s visit, golf, sumo, emperor, Trump must allow PM Abe a little spot on the world stage, especially if PM Abe decides to call a snap summer election for the lower house.

PM Abe praised Trump’s tax cuts saying it would be better for Japanese investments in America. But PM Abe didn’t mention was his own intention to raise taxes in October.

Trump body slams his own security adviser Bolton on the NK missiles.

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 Trump should not be touching the emperor.

The emperor looks surprised, and the men behind and front also noticed.

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Over and over again Trump attempts to convince the American people that he is somehow part of the imperial transition. That he happens to be the first national leader to visit His Imperial Majesty since the accession to the throne was the decision of the Prime Minister, and not the Emperor. His visit is not something that has not happened for two hundred years; indeed it is an event of minimal importance. Fox News, by the way, is claiming that Trump is the first American to give a trophy for Sumo - am I alone in having fond memories of the Pan Am Cup?

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