lower house election

Abe expected to achieve solid victory in face of divided opposition


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Neither party has had the time or resources to put up candidates in all of the 289 single-seat electoral districts.

I cant decide whether that's a political masterstroke / manipulation by the ruling LDP and Abe or a sure sign that the opposition was always in total disarray regardless of the vote being called early?

If your the opposition you should always be ready to fight an election like its coming tomorrow, but here the opposition has been floundering and got totally sideswiped by the early poll announcement. What narks me the most is that it wasn't as if they didn't know it was coming?

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They sure did benefit from the typhoon!

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Pretty sure she's not of voting age...

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Pretty sure she's not of voting age...

She's not unless her family is an LDP or Komeito supporter.

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A costly, cynical, unnecessary election.

Even with the questionable quality of choice, scanty fiscal or monetary policies to back up manifestos, your vote counts.

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How come she's voting when I've been paying taxes here for twenty years and still can't?

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