U.S., EU, Japan slam market distortion in swipe at China

By Eliana Raszewski and Luc Cohen

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Here we have 3 pots calling the kettle black.  Just  difference in which sectors they protect, which tariffs or other artificial barriers they have in place and which industries they seek to protect.

anyone who believes that we have free trade in the world is misinformed.

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If China didn't employ "market distorting" practices, it would have never become the world's second biggest economy.

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U.S., EU, Japan slam market distortion because it's not benefit them.

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americas war on china is coming closer.

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@Robert S.Abenz... exactly!

Also if it wasn't for China then we'd be buying overpriced items and wasting our hard earned money. Don't get me wrong as I do value quality products but many ( not all )products manufactured in the US, EU or Japan are just marked up. Products produced in Japan in particular have unwanted features which basic consumers don't really need! This is tend make the price higher and to be frank it's not really bang for the buck!

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Apparently the ilinformed think that China builds ship loads of products on speculation, sending them around the world and dumping them on the docks, hoping people will buy them.

Every single product built in China and shipped to the three entities on stage in the photo was ordered by companies in their area, who hoped to make a killing by selling cheap crap at exorbitant prices.

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A good Greek friend is a captain that works on a large freighter, he gets the order to leave board towards designation 1.

He sez they often gets various new target destinations as the owner keeps trading and buyers/destinations change with most new 'sales'.

In the end he doesn't know how long he will be on sea or what ports he needs to visit.

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