Voting under way in Nago mayoral race; U.S. base transfer in focus


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meeehh. another LDP sided paid "news" ?

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Kyodo is right wing bias

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So what are they promising the voters?

to get rid of all bases or that they are against all the bases?

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I think aside from colour blind people it's all about the colour do you like green or blue? Do you trust a person with a head band? Fist in the air? I know it's common but not somehow a litmus test it is not. An actual politician who gives two hoots about people would be so out of place, ohhhh there really is no hope.

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The incumbent is ahead so far.


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If. anti base candidate wins, Japanese gov't need to discuss eviction of US Military. Force with Hergaty,then to Trump..

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No matter how the vote goes, the US will have its way in Japan. Abe is Washington's puppet and will do as he is told by Washington. The US is putting North/South Korea and Japan on the verge of a nuclear holocaust and the Japanese people are standing idly by and letting it happen. Has the US forgotten what the US did to Hiroshima and Nagasaki?   Don't forget Trump said America first. The only interest of Japan to the US is its military bases, not Japan. If push comes to shove, the US will abandon Japan.

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Taketoyo Toguchi has won the Nago people have spoken, they dont reject the base move so Onaga and his loons should just accept the fact that the base will be moved to an area of Okinawa that is willing to accept the base. have a nice day

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If anti base candidate wins..

He lost.

Onaga side has been losing many local elections in recent years.

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Americans need to stay out of Okinawa politics.

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The incumbent is ahead so far.

He lost, and with so many other local elections Onaga's "All Okinawa" is proving to be the other way around.

As I have stated so many times, and is proven here by this election as well, Onaga and his followers are one issue folks, but there are so many other things that need to get done here and they are doing NOTHING but talk about and preach about the bases.

Folks are fed up with him, and the people of Nago have voiced their opinions as well! Cooperation and negotiation are the way to get things done, not a constant jack-ass like stubbornness that these anti-base folks have be preaching.

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Americans need to stay out of Okinawa politics.

Where were the Americans? From what I've seen it has been nothing but an election for Nago residents and Nago residents have chosen.

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Americans need to stay out of Okinawa politics.

Okinawans need to stop bringing Americans into their politics.

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This outcome will make little difference as the economy of Nago will suffer under the new American base. This base will pollute the waters and destroy fishing as a resource. History tells us very few jobs will be created from the new American air station and port.

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