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Posters of candidates in Sunday's elections are seen in Minato Ward, Tokyo. Image: JAPAN TODAY

Voting under way in local, by-elections


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Every single one of these loudspeaker-mounted trucks sounds the same, except of the name of the candidate, which they repeat over and over and over...

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I like these big election boards. Where I live there are no public toilets so these are good spots to hide behind.

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Those trucks with the loudspeakers are obnoxious. I wish there was a law that candidates can only blast the speakers in front of THEIR house.

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there are no public toilets so these are good spots to hide behind.

I bet even if they caught you peeing on their candidate's sign, they would still continue to smile and wave enthusiastically!

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Even between elections, I see Abe’s mug dotted around the countryside on placards, akin to Orwell’s dystopian leader.

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Doesn't matter who the people vote for, they will have the same Washington masters.

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Driving around screaming thru a bullhorn doesn't make me want to vote for you.

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Do the local candidates have any meaningful public debates on fundamental issues?

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Contratulations to Yara-San (All-Okinawa) in Okinawa beating the LDP backed candidate.

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By or Bi?

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When are they going to stop the sound trucks? Is this the only way?

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