Yamao, Inada retain seats despite scandals; Toyota loses hers


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Great to see Yamao back - one small consolation for the overall pathetic result.

Yamao previously served as the Democratic Party's policy chief and had gained fame and support, particularly from mothers desperate to work, by calling attention to Abe and his government's inability to ensure enough day care center places.

This is exactly right too - the government is unable to ensure this.

I hope she continues to pursue the failed government system during the next term, for the sake of future parents at least.

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As a long term resident of Fukui we see Inadasan re- elected. She did the whole Hinoharu headband thing, regathered her base, went through the motions and cruised to a victory. Was there even an opposition? Business as usual. Probably a prudent decision for local firms and businesses as we all know the deal , nothing will change and business as usual. Fukui has the highest rate of shachos in the whole country so its a no brained that a pro business beauty sways votes. Why even foreigners cry for the vote I’ll never understand as it seems everything’s already decided before its even begun. We ain’t missing much folks.

Congratulations to Inadasan, she’s had a hell of a ride. Hope she goes out batting for Fukui now.

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