A-bomb survivors worried about U.S. plan to withdraw from arms pact


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It's a free world and everyone is entitled to their opinions! Just dont know if it's newsworthy or not.

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To date, America is still the only country to have ever used nuclear weapons. Because of that, for some in Japan, a legitimate fear exists especially for those that are survivors and children of survivors.

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President Trump's decision to withdraw from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. The decision to pull out is in response to alleged violations of the pact by Moscow, according to U.S. media reports, is a decision that history may record as one of the most potentially dangerous made by our current President. While it may be true that Russia has committed violations of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, one poor decision made by President Putin should not be followed by another poor decision made by President Trump.

The United States has the moral imperative to keep its promises, especially those such as the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty that have the potential for worldwide destruction. The apprehension and fear expressed by many of the survivors of the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is understandable.

Thank you very much for allowing me to comment on this subject.

Respectfully submitted:

Mark Kazuo Bradley

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"The Japanese government should make a serious protest as the only country to have suffered nuclear attacks and warn about the misery caused by nuclear arms," she said.

While I can understand her sentiment, Japan's views / stance on the subject of nuclear arms in general really will have no impact on a treaty that has nothing to do with Japan.

Interestingly, it seems many governments in Europe, which clearly will be impacted by the actions of the U.S. and Russia, are supportive of the U.S. move. Not saying that makes it right, just noting that fact.

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While demanding denuclearization of North Korea, the United States itself is going against the move toward nuclear disarmament. It lacks coherence,"

Yes, Maki san. I can not comprehend it. It's a grave mistake pulling out of this treaty.

There are other options.

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The A-bomb survivors should be worried more about North Korea’s nuclear capabilities than the US plan to pull out of the pact. It’s Kim’s missiles that are aimed at targets in Japan.

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It is the US that has made Japan a nuclear target by having a nuclear base stationed on Japan. As I have previously said, by having basis all around the Europe and Asia, the US is making them targets. The US has over 800 basis around the globe. It has circled both Russia and China and has circumvented and flaunted the nuclear treated from the time it was agreed to. The US has allowed and supported the so-called Nuclear Ambiguity policy of Israel in which Israel has no inspections from the UN. Trump has even set up a Space Corps. It is obvious that the so-called Western Powers (the Western Wimps) will do nothing. It is up to the people to start controlling their Governments and demand their Governments regain their sovereignty from the US. The nations of the world have completely surrendered to US domination and dictatorship. Now is the time for the people to start taking control of the Government which they pay to represent the peoples interest. How many wars and military disputes has the US been involved in over the past 70 years? How many elected sovereign governments has the US toppled in the past 70 years? How many wars and military disputes are the US currently in?

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I doubt the Japanese government will protest or saying this is unforgivable! Obama embraced a Hiroshima victim with Abe three years ago, that was what Trump really aloafing with nuclear disarming !

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The Japanese people can start by demanding an end to Japanese occupation by the US and the removal of all US basis. Don't be fooled that the US is there to protect Japan.

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The Americans only used these weapons after being attacked in the first place, as for pulling out of this treaty other countries are already doing what they like so the Americans have to advance their weaponry to counter any future threat.

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I respect these people from Hiroshima and Nagasaki,despites our political views they know what is the atrocity that such weapon can bring.

Maybe the world leaders should start to listen to them.

Shame on the big guys in command of such powerful nations that are reverting us back to the cold war era.

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When their own government listens to them, they’ll have a voice. As it is, their own government won’t sign the ban on nukes. Start there.

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Let us hope that Trump's abandonment of the INF will not become an excuse to resume nuclear weapons tests, which in the past claimed thousands of lives. This is from Quartz, 22 Dec. 2017:

"When the US entered the nuclear age, it did so recklessly. New research suggests that the hidden cost of developing nuclear weapons were far larger than previous estimates, with radioactive fallout responsible for 340,000 to 690,000 American deaths from 1951 to 1973." [Tim Fernholtz, U.S. nuclear tests killed far more civilians than we knew"]

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This will allow Russia to place IRBM's in Siberia targeting Japan and the American bases not only in Japan but ROK, Guam and Alaska. This will give the American bases only minutes of warning in case of a first strike by the Russians.

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Fact #1 The US will not abandon Nuclear arms and or testing, regardless of what the Japanese have to say!

Fact #2 The US doesn't care what you as a country or an individual have to say about the Nuclear anything concerning the USA.

Fact #3 Japan's defense? Correct we are not here to protect the country or it's people! The US is here because Japan is a step off point for any conflict in this region.

Fact #4 The US will pull all its people out before it lifts a finger to help Japan!

Fact #5 The Japanese keep calling for US bases to pull out, Reality if the US pulls out the void will be filled by the Chinese Quickly, and Japans defense force won't be able to stop it!

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The problem is that Putin has already effectively abandoned the treaty by developing new hypersonic nuclear weapons. The Chinese have also done the same in tandem as well as developing submarine based weapons. The entire western world is (sadly) dependant on the US to keep them free and safe from Russian and future Cineese aggression. There really is no choice but to counter that threat. Unlike the Russians, the US has abided by the treaty. Therefore the US is announcing its abandonment of the treaty, which Russia already has done. China never was bound by it. Putin and Xi are pulling the western world back into a Cold War that only they seem to want. Do people want a weak US that can’t protect them? The other option would be for all nations to build nuclear capability and beef up thier own militaries. But that’s not going to happen. The situation is regrettable, but Putin and Xi are making it nesesarry.

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This is great news! Now, the US can put  Intermediate-Range missile in Asia. Either Japan or Guam. I look forward to seeing the Shanghai Killer missile in either Japan or Guam.

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Japan will NEVER allow the placing of missiles with nuclear weapons on its territory. If you think the protests in Okinawa have been large, it will be nothing compared to the US trying to put missiles in Japan! These would be a first strike weapon and greatly increase the chance of a nuclear conflict. Fukushima is nothing compared to the aftermath of a nuclear war. Look again at the photos of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and think about what modern nuclear weapons will do to a city. Trump is bringing the world to the brink of a nuclear conflict.

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INF withdrawal has nothing to do with nukes and everything to do with a new generation of high precision ballistic missiles, such as anti-ship ballistic missiles.

Chinese are building anti-ship ballistic missiles like crazy yet US cannot counter under the INF. So to fight China the US needs short-range ballistic missiles currently banned under the INF.

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I strongly recommend/suggest the Susan Southard non-fiction book 'Nagasaki: Life After Nuclear War' (New York: Viking Press, 2015).

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"Japan will NEVER allow the placing of missiles with nuclear weapons on its territory."

The USS Reagan has nukes. It is based in Japan. Please wake up

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As long as technology is there, some country will try to make nukes. While talking and publicizing the dangers of using nukes is a necessary "reminding" force.., unless one is "powerful" as is Trump, Xi and Putin... very little "effect" on the grand scale of things...

The point is if there is a danger then one must be always at the top and the most powerful to "prevent" the other who may "misuse" such power. Hopefully, that person or country at the top is "wise" and not "treacherous".

At this point nukes are tools for "threat" in power games. All parties know that it is impossible to use nukes unless willing to risk "all". However, to have nukes is an "advantage" as NK and Iran has shown to the world.

The big problem is how to keep it all rational and sane....

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