Abductee supporters march at Diet; demand repatriations from N Korea


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That's sad. I'm currently reading a good book on the Japanese abductees in North Korea so the Yokota case seems quite relevant to me. Good luck to them all. The book is called The Invitation Only Zone and is £6 on Kindle. It's a good read: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Invitation-Only-Zone-Extraordinary-Abduction-Project-ebook/dp/B0163755IK

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probs include a number of abductees have turned up living under the radar in japan all along

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Mmm. Though times. The North just said a few days ago that their next move might be military action against their enemy, South Korea, as they're pissed about the leaflet balloons flying across the border.

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**** NKorea !!..

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Didn't Shinzo promise to bring the abductees home or was that an urge, pledge.....

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