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LDP mulls backing Koike in Tokyo governor race in July


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The Liberal Democratic Party is mulling backing Tokyo Gov Yuriko Koike for re-election in the Tokyo gubernatorial race, a senior LDP member said Monday, a month ahead of the start of the election campaign.

Yah, only because LDP knows whatever oyaji they roll out against her would get flattened by Koike,s popularity after the contrasting way she led covid19 response as opposed to the inept LDP govt. Jiminto doesnt wanna suffer an embarassing landslide defeat in Tokyo , thats all.

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Why, would they even consider not supporting this lady who has done a marvelous job watching out for the people who elected her. She has faced the cameras every night giving an update on the situation, making Abe stand up and take some onus for this mess and has done her utmost best to keep us safe.

Marcelito, your words are spot on.

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Koike San does not need the LDP AT ALL , she is the only Japanese politician with balls, logic, rational and the personality to push it through and get thing done. 

I hope she runs for PM though, and there she might need the LDP.  Of course, LDP is to scared to ever support her for that by bringing her in as party member, as, once inside, they will not be able to control her. 

Koike as PM would make Japan being respected and counted in international politics where now, Japan is not taken serious. She is the THE hope for Japan.     

But, realistically I am afraid we can look forward to another disastrous PM in the form of the Osaka governor or son of Koizumi. Lots of respect for Koizumi but his son…

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Yeah go on people of Tokyo vote for someone who spent the last 5 months lying to your faces....and still is..

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LDP wants puppets not leaders.

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This is very sad and speak aloud abt Japanese politics. Mrs Koike has done a great job. Puppets ???.maybe

that is why japan is in the bottom of its line.

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Not many people know, but every Friday Koieke does a press conference in English and has been doing updates in English on the coronavirus which can be seen on youtube or the Tokyo Metropolitan Goverments website.

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