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Abe's widow to attend Taiwan presidential inauguration in May


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Good that Akie Abe is showing solidarity with Taiwan, but surely Prime Minister Kishida should also be attending the new President-elect's inauguration, assuming he can find time for this in-between all of his other extremely important international visits....

Got to keep sending very strong messages to China, to keep up with the constant Chinese propaganda rhetoric.

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Her husband Shinzo Abe represented the highest forms of political corruption and incompetence. Some of which she was apart of like the militaristic elementary school with her name attached to it. The last thing people remember about Shinzo was his scandals. It one of those scandals that led to his unfortunate demise. That is like GOP sending Melania Trump to Taiwan to represent them for the inauguration.

Why not send a current government official with a better reputation?

Is KIshida's that weak that no one wants to go for him?


Did Abe's final scandals brought to light so much corruption that no one wants to be in the spotlight in fear of something else coming out?

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Was Akie Abe ever absolved for her part in the corruption surrounding the Morimoto Gakuen scandal or has that been crowded out by more recent LDP corruption scandals?

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