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Abe, 50 business execs begin African tour in Ivory Coast


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It's Abe's all-around full-scale global confrontation with China, and China sees it that way exactly. There is no mistake of perceptions on either side.

And you want to talk? Bring your six-shooter and we'll do 10 paces and settle it once and for all.

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Well done abe! It is not confrontation but free market competition.

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your 10 years too late Mr Abe - China has been in Africa for ages

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wonder if that humanitarian aid to Africa is related to all the J business visiting, like I said in my previous comment, AID always has some conditions attached, that benifit the aid givers

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America, you listening?

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it's surprising that it's first time in last 8 years for Japanese PM to visit Africa. Japan has been left far behind in terms of the business in Africa.

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In addition to strengthening economic cooperation with the African countries, he's "canvassing" for votes to become a non permanent member of the 2015 United Nations Security Council.

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Still trying to look good even in failure. Shinzo Abe's Rome is burning and he continues to perform stand-up comedies to overseas audiences. Difference is; there is money to give away and one cannot have happier audiences than these.

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In addition to strengthening economic cooperation with the African countries, he's "canvassing" for votes to become a non permanent member of the 2015 United Nations Security Council.

Or shopping for a host country to evacuate to.

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This is exactly why Japan fails in Africa. Aids or ODA just don't work. The reason China is winning in Africa is because they are exporting not just projects and labor but they transfer "usable" technology and knowledge for the construction projects. And they do it without the political baggage that all western country demanded.

IF Japan's motive and intent is to sandbag China, no African nation will go forward with it. What Japan CAN do is to pick up whatever pieces that China had not exerted its reaches on and build from there. Just throwing money at them won't help at all. Make this trip political and you can kiss those billions goodbye.

Another problem for Japan to exert anything meaningful in Africa, it has no arms suitable for the African nations. IF the tech is too advance, they won't know how to use them. And the systems must fit with their current training. That is another reason why China is winning in Africa. They don't give a damn. Japan will never be able to commit with the world, especially US watching closely. Its a lost cause before it began.

Do not donate, gift or grant, invest instead.

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Hroki Araki,you are right,Japan never attached importance to doing business in Africa until China started

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@Hiroki Araki

it's surprising that it's first time in last 8 years for Japanese PM to visit Africa. Japan has been left far behind in terms of the business in Africa.

Just because a so-called leader doesn't visit, doesn't mean Japanese businesses haven't been busy exploiting Africa, it's people and resources.

A good example is the ProSAVANA land grab in Mozambique involving the Japanese government, through the notorious JICA, and some huge trading companies.

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Who are these executives? Bunch of Abe's friends? This seems like anti competitive behavior and favoritism by the JP government to those companies!?

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nostromo said: your 10 years too late Mr Abe - China has been in Africa for ages

The more China has invested in Africa, the more it stands to lose. Take South Sudan for example:

The stakes could not be higher for China, the largest investor in South Sudan's oil sector, as fierce fighting continues between forces loyal to President Salva Kiir and those of his former deputy.

Some of the largest oil fields China operates are in areas controlled by fighters backing Riek Machar, the country's vice-president until he was sacked in July.

Oil production has already dropped by 20% since the onset of the conflict three weeks ago and more than 300 Chinese workers have been evacuated.

The spectre of their Libyan experience also weighs heavily on the Chinese minds - project after project now lies deserted because of heavy fighting during the Arab Spring uprising of 2011, inflicting huge losses on China.

And who can forget Libya?

Two years ago, China suffered heavy losses in its Libyan projects, including infrastructure, telecommunications and oil. Many constructions were halted and sites looted or destroyed during the revolution which toppled long-time leader Muammar Gaddafi.The total loss was estimated by several Chinese media reports to be in the region of $20bn, although no official figures exist.

Compensation talks with the new Libya government stalled as their priority was very much on nation-building and improving the living conditions of the Libyan people.

China's position in the Central African Republic isn't all that great either.

Djotodia has already announced that he will review the CAR's mining and oil contracts with China, signed by the Bozize government, "to see whether things were badly done, to try and sort them out." Further, Djotodia declared that he would invite the former colonial power in CAR, France, along with the United States, to retrain the official military, which was defeated by Seleka last weekend.

"We will rely on the European Union to help us develop this country," Mr. Djotodia said, adding that about 80 per cent of the country's foreign aid has come from the bloc. "When we have been sick, the European Union was at our bedside. It will not abandon us now."

They say timing is everything. Who knows maybe Abe is too late. Or maybe he's shown up a tad too early. Only time will tell.

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@gogogo:" You think Abe has that many friends? I think they are executives from Japan Inc which conquered USA industry in kate 20th century.

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It is important for Africans to wise up when we face such political and economic competition by other countries. This is not the same as colonization period. However, we should scrutinize what kind of products and services are damped upon our countries and peoples. We should select quality over quantity and Japan is good at focusing on Deming's quality. So let us give Japan's Investors and business men an open door for further investment and competition with Chinese counterparts. However, we should respect and work with Chinese because they are not selfish at all. They ae peace loving investors in Africa for mutual benefits without exploiting us. Counties like America do not like to invest in Africa instead of giving hand-outs of aid at the time of starvation. But China is empowering us so that we can defeat poverty once and for all. We should continue strong business partnership and relationship with China in order to transform our countries. Western ideology did not bring about any economic change for us. Let us discern what is in Africa's best interest. We should maintain good bilateral relations with all countries and host them with friendly spirit and work together in local and global issues.

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**Well it is still yet not late for japan to work with Africa, the only thing is the should start thinking of doing individual investment which will bring them closer to Africa and forget too much protocol. Africa leaders just want money because they are all staffs working with a two term contract.

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Well said hnyala

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