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Abe aims for constitutional revision with help from opposition


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People need to keep in mind that this is just the first step. The opposition should be very wary of joining in to help Abe.

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"with malice and vengeance” to keep Japan forever subdued.

Or just prescient, having the possibility in mind that people like Abe would re-emerge.

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This is one way to spend one's time and political capital.

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Japan does have one of the world's strongest militaries and it supports the world's strongest one, which never hesitates to deploy it for nefarious purposes. But it seems that if you are not able to drop bombs on poor peoples around the world you don't really have a desired seat at the table of criminal states.

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In short, Abe wants to turn Japan into a warfare state. This means Japan will be more vulnerable to being bombed than it has been since WWII.

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To counterbalance to China expansion ,Japan has to rewrite the constitution.

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In a word, Abe thinks Japan has to change the constitution to make JSDF can fight in need. Recent relations with China and Korea helped increase his supporters. His supporters are feeling unrealistic about our peace consitition which says in Article 9 we have determined to preserve our security and existence, *trusting in the justice and faith of the peace-loving peoples of the world."

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Abe keeps claiming a need to revise the constitution, and he keeps failing to explain exactly what that need is. In that light, it seems far more likely that his desire has less to do with pragmatic present-day politics and more to do with his swooning admiration for the militant xenophobic regime of an earlier time.

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Abe has increasingly been showing his true color lately, even while a lot of people are still trying to make ends meet.

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Abe is obesessed with revising the constitution, but the media rarely challenge him on what exactly he wants to change, and why. Abe is following the path of other would-be dictators like Putin and Erdogan: first supress the media and control the courts, then gradually accumulate control and power in the centre, all the time striving to stamp out criticism and remove rights.

The LDP have published a list of proposed revisions all of which will transfer power and rights from the individual to the state. There will be no more freedom of expression, no freedom of assembly, conscription will be reintroduced, people will be forced to support their indigent relatives etc. However much Abe criticises China and North Korea I can't help but think that he secretly admires the repressive, dictatorial political systems in those countries and craves to introduce a similar system in Japan.

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The next China is here. Abe has seen his personal ambition -- to return Japan to pre-war 'glory' -- shot down a number of times, but has proven that he does NOT care what the majority of the people think, and in fact TELLS them what they are thinking and what they want; just like any dictatorship. Oh, sure, you can say it is a democracy, but hardly so when he wants to change the rules all the time to suit his needs.

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Oh, sure, you can say it is a democracy, but hardly so when he wants to change the rules all the time to suit his needs.

The determination on whether it's a democracy or not is not based on the why of changing the rules, it's based on the how of changing the rules. As long as he changes them in a democratic manner, it's democratic.

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What ever the opposition do has no bearing on the outcome. Even if 100% of both house endorse the bill. It has to have a Majority Referendum which the Japanese people will reject. The only way Shinzo will get his political way is to go to the people with a Referendum to abolish the Majority referendum rule which will never happen. So Tell me way is Shinzo is pushing this no win Agenda ? It has me completely puzzle. I must be reading the attitude of the Japanese completely differently to the Political Buffins.

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His advisors may be telling him what he wants to hear, rather than the truth.

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Strangerland: Yeah, as democratic as an election in Hong Kong -- hold it when you want, so long as the person you want to win has the vote at the time.

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It is up to us the people of Japan to notify what we need to the Diet and it is Abe's job to carry out the wishes of people through the Diet, instead in the past that has never worked, since our country went back to the traditions of my group is stronger than your group and now Abe has appointed himself dictator and monarch but still needs his ministerial court who get fat paybacks to get the Constitution revised. Abe's job is carry out the wishes of the people all people in Japan not the strongest group, since the Constitution applies to all people in Japan Abe is not an emperor, king, or dictator. Japan is not a monarch.

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Well, if Abe want's Japan to be militarily strong (they are already), he should at least not rely on the American military so much, like in Okinawa. But instead, the US tells him what do to and he happily follows orders. He doesn't sound too tough to me. A "normal" country shouldn't have a foreign military base established, now should it? He's most likely irresponsible too since he doesn't even admit his country's past mistakes in their own militarism. Just imagine, his Japan, while denying their imperial past, creates an invasion force again. You know what guys like Abe do? He gives the Chinese government more reasons to "prove" to their people on their own need for increasing their military, while at the same time, Japan will ultimately still be stuck in where they are now due to America holding them back.

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Good evening fellow friends! I had the privilege to teach the Keio University Students. Spanish conversation class. One of the workshop groups produced an excellent magazine. Japan would Go to war once again! Perhaps, one of the Asian Tiger Neighbos. 2050? I don't know but someday in the Year of the Monkey. One must never forget the Atomic disasters! Space, oceanography, and volcanic energy areas to research! I vote no to revise the Constitution. Valdez sensei.

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Strangerland: Yeah, as democratic as an election in Hong Kong -- hold it when you want, so long as the person you want to win has the vote at the time

Not really.

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Abe san seems consumed politically to the point of obsession to revise article 9. This preoccupation is clouding the economic priorities, the demographics of depopulation, all the pledges behind of womenomics, including reforms and restructuring underpinning 'Abernomics'. He will make an attempt to unravel or reinterpret article 96.

Analyzing Abe’s fixation on the Constitution


Abe san blunder regarding middle income earners, is toe curling, where are his advisers?....The PM appears obvious to the consequences.

Critics assail Abe after middle-class income gaffe highlights wealthy upbringing


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Mr Abe needs to be stopped. Hopefully the Japanese people will wake up and do it

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So let's see. According to any serious organization monitoring Japan's situation:

There are still major gaps between men and women when it comes to work and pay. Worst of all developed countries by any measure.

The fertility rate and the renewing of generations has already been a problem for 5 years, with the population number dropping by 1.2 million. The population will be half of what it is in about 60 years.

The "greying" of Japan is already so bad that social security costs are increasing every year despite a decreasing population. Pretty soon, there will not be enough active people just to maintain what must be maintained, and the ones doing it will be taxed so high they will not have any way to build a future anymore.

Japan still is dead last among developed countries when it comes to child pornography (and the sick stuff they have that is not but is not pornography by their own definition), child abduction, general discrimination (apartment, not accepting any refugee despite international agreements, etc...) against foreigners, slave-like conditions for foreign workers, justice system (with a dictature-like 99% conviction rate), business practices that are so rotten that a company dealing with blood samples and medicines can falsify data for 40 years without any punishment.

The whole Fukushima mess is still not cleared. More children are showing signs of cancers all over Japan, even way outside the radiation zone. People are still living in temporary houses after 4 years.

Freedom of the press that has dropped from 10th in 2010 to around 55th this year, to due to the cover up of Fukushima, the new secrecy law allowing anybody to be put in jail for no other vague reason than "revealing something threatening the nation" (a state scandal would qualify, so you can now go to jail for writing about a government guy doing something bad).

And the list goes on. And what does the genius running the country decide to put priority on next year? By changing a constitution that does not prevent Japan from doing anything. There is absolutely no matter right now that is vital for the society that is restricted by the constitution.

So at last, here we have it. The first real step towards becoming a dictature. After that, elections will be done so that there will be no opposition (a bit like today, but even worse), religion will make its grand come-back, and instead of talking more, Japan will show muscles and get even more arrogant towards its past.

Sayounara democratic Japan, you had a few decades to grow, but were never allowed to fully grow into something strong and modern.

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To counterbalance to China expansion ,Japan has to rewrite the constitution.

Have you seen the mess they've made of organising the Olympics? Do you really think Abe and co would do a better job of protecting Japan against China?

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you can wish but it never happens. And you said "wake up" but you may be not decent.

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Constitutions are meant to be amended properly

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It will never Happen Shinzo. First error was allow the middle class to slide into the lower class in term of pay. They voted Shizo in again only to see your if the government will keep their promises. That being a better living standard for all. The Japanese people are in a unique position now that they have won the 2020 Games Japan wealthy are above greedy. EG. Sydney 2000 Game was a brake event but the follow on in tourism was a great benefit. PLus they had the construct 90% of the venues. They achive this with pay decent wages. the lowest paid worker on any site was $15 a hour in 2000. I call on all Japanese to halt all work on the Game until this Bill is thrown out and the minimum wage is lifted to at least to the same rate of pay that Sydney game workers were pay. That being at least 1500 yen and hour and 25% more on top of the 1500 yen a hour for casual workers. Yes a National STRIKE on all construction concerning the Games until these demand are met.

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This is bound to play well with the neighbours... One has to wonder if they have paused at all to wonder who might consider boycotting the 2020 Olympics if this comes to pass and other regional issues remain unresolved.

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Maybe that's their end goal so they can get rid of the Chinese competition and win more golds!

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Abe never changes but what's worse is that all the MP that were elected just roll over and support him. Where are the defenders of Japan?

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Revision of the Constitution will be defeated. No doubt.

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The opposition parties are in total disarray, a utter shambles, the whole issue could hang on a referendum.

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Constitutions are meant to be amended properly

I don't think Mr Abe got that memo

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