Abe aims for early pact on easing curbs on military


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According to Jiji Press, looks like the broad agreement was reached already.

July 1st is the day they're both aiming to make the cabinet decision regarding collective self-defense.

Great to see Japan finally joining the rest of the world.

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It's about time that the most economically powerful democracy in Asia joined the rest of the world's democracies in defending the freedoms that everyone on this planet is entitled to.

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"...we will make a decision firmly when the time comes.”

It's the constitution, Shinzo. You have no legal right to make a decision regarding Article 9, firmly or otherwise.

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Tellingly, this seems to be the only issue where he's less than flaccid.

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As a Vietnam War Veteran who has seen the horrors of war up close and as a 42 year resident of Japan this is sad news for me. This is not about self-defense as Japan has that right but this is about being drawn in to other countries wars especially the US. The last time the US fought a war about freedom and won was World War II. Vietnam, Iraq and Afganistan were all mistakes as we lost a lot of good men and women and the situation still didn`t turn out like we wanted. I guess you have to see a good friend get killed 10 feet away from you before you realize these things. I hope the Japanese people will really think deeply about this and I hope they are aware of the sacrifices there sons and daughters will be asked to make and I hope they are prepared for the day when their son or daughter comes home in a coffin or with an arm or a leg missing or suffering from PTSD because that is the reality of war.

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Despite all the media hype, even with collective self-defence, Japan's military will still have very little leeway in which to manoeurvre. Reinterpreting the Constitution is hence substantively different from actually changing it, and Japan has still a long road to regaining all its rights and powers as a sovereign nation.

There is virtually no possibility that Japan, can for example, send the JSDF to Scarborough Shoal or Kirkuk to fight the Chinese or ISIS.

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It is true that under the present Constitution Japan does have the right to defend itself.. Japan thinks it is being more assertive and independent by trying to change its constitution, when in fact, the reverse is true. It is playing directly into the hands of US foreign policy objectives. Where is the independence in that?

Given Japan's shrinking population who is going to do the fighting? How does that work if you want a stable infrastructure and an economically viable economy and the ability to fight wars in foreign theaters with a shrinking population? Cake and eating it too springs to mind.

Also Article 9 could be just the tip of the ice-burg in terms of constitutional ammendment. If that goes-then say goodbye to a constitution that adheres to the values of egalitatarianism and human rights and say hello to a Confucionist constitution that places power firmly in the hands of a government that can neither be questioned or disobeyed at any level.

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boweevil JUN. 25, 2014 - 04:13PM JST Given Japan's shrinking population who is going to do the fighting?

Probably the one of a few questions Abe would refuse to answer. Seems all right-wingers think about is their own country being singled out from having proper military unit. Having the inferiority complex is fine but fulfilling your own agenda at the expense of your same fellow countrymen is not. Does LDP never think that far? Given by their actions, they are not even trying to pretend at least they are competent in the common sense. They seem to excel at digging their own graves as well as the infrastructure of their country.

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Why is China focusing on Japan's little islands? Why bother?

Primorye, which is now in Russian hands, has always belonged to China. When the Qing dynasty was weak, Russia stole that peninsula by forcing China to sign the humiliating Treaty of Peking in the mid-1800's. Whether by war or coercion, this vast territory must be returned to China for the good of the Chinese people. One obvious benefit is that the port of Vladivostok will provide the PRC with the access it needs to the Pacific Ocean, without having to sail across the first island chain past Japan's batteries of SSM's.

In addition, much of Russia's Far East, rich in oil and gas and timber, also belongs to China. Don't you think it's time for China to take back these valuable assets for the sake of Chinese industry, instead of engaging in an expensive war with the US, Japan and ASEAN? War for what? For some rocks and reefs of dubious value in the open sea? Do you really want to be mired in the jungles of Vietnam or the Philippines when the US and Japan are providing those guerrillas with the most advanced weaponry and tactical aid possible? Don't make any mistake about it, endless guerrilla wars in these countries would sap China’s strength and will. In the end, all party leaders would be tried as war criminals and hanged.

Why are the Chinese so focused on these spurious maritime claims anyway, which they cannot hope to win, when a much bigger and far more legitimate prize awaits you on their land borders. Russia stole unimaginably vast territories known as "China's Northeast" and "China's Far West," all rich in natural resources. In addition, Russia is now in the process of exploiting those regions of oil and gas and selling those commodities back to China. Isn't that embarrassing, even humiliating? How do you suppose China feels about having to buy back their own oil and gas from those who stole their energy stocks in the first place?

With our blessing, the PLA can take back China's Northeast without any interference from the US, Japan and ASEAN. None of the European countries will side with Russia either. These lands are indisputably Chinese territory, and China's claims can be upheld in the International Court System. Why don’t they? Are Russians their friends and allies? Or are they taking advantage of the Chinese? Are they the ones who, fearing that China would want their northern and western territories back, turned China's attention to the South China Sea and the East China Sea, where they had little hope of gaining any headway and every chance of alienating the world? Has Russian propaganda turned China's largest customers and benefactors into cut-throat competitors and militaristic enemies, thus stopping China's Peaceful Rise? Is Russia really China's friend? Really?

You have only to tear off Russia's sheep clothing to see the wolf lurking underneath, tearing at China's soft underbelly.

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