Abe arrives in Beijing, eyeing first summit with Xi


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Congrats Shinzo. Finally, your wish came true. You get to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping.

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Still "eyeing", as late at this time?

Abe is not the one to be trusted, Chinese preferred some body else on the stage that does not have twisted tongue.

I am sure Obama is the one that steal the show from Abe this APEC.

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The world should give Abe some credits; he is trying at least.

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Politicians are crazy

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Wouldn't take bets on this. A 10 minute talk on the sidelines does not fall in the "summit" category. If this happens, Abe will still play it up as a big photo op and we'll get to see his smiling mug again.

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The photo provided by AFP over this news report made shinzo Abe and Akie Abe look as if they were having something to hide (avoid eye contact).

Could AFP give a better photo of the couple ?

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Let's hope positive results be reaped this week. The squabbles have gone on long enough.

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As usual, he has his wife with him as "window dressing".

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