Abe asks companies to bear part of costs to expand child-care support


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Abe went to the people for a mandate, got a super majority and now the best he can do at 'leadership' is to make more urges and requests... As the country's prime 'law-maker', it is time for him to lead and legislate, if he can learn how.

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Abe owes Japanese people on this. Stop asking, make it a law.

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It would be better to make companies pay people (esp. women) enough for them to have children and use services like childcare.

Low wages for women across Japan is the big problem. Not waiting lists for state-subsidized childcare in some cities.

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Well, this is something new. How many sources has Abe told the public he'll get the money for the daycare shortage from? He said the first sales tax hike would do it and contribute to the public debt, but that never happened. He then borrowed more money from the BOJ stating the money would go towards the childcare crisis, which never happened either. He gave corporations tax cuts stating that increased salaries would make daycare more affordable for families, which never happened either. He's now asking corporations for money and you can bet that, the companies will state they cannot increase salaries because of the daycare crisis contribution. After all this BS he is now stating the next sales tax increase will make preschool and daycare free next year and have zero children on waiting lists by 2020 (18 months). I don't know who is the bigger idiot. Him for spouting this guff or the people who actually believe it!

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Back in Soviet Russia the people said, "We pretend to work and they pretend to pay us". In Shinzo Japan the people say, "He pretends to ask Keidanren and they pretend to think about it".

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I just hope he uses "pretty please".

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Seriously? That is what taxes are for, take 1% away from road projects and there would be no problem. Companies are not going to help anything if there is not enough schools or daycare centers right now.

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How about local Governments allocating less to the geriatric subsidized pingpong, bus excursions, dance classes, gym memberships etc, and more to childcare resources, for financially stressed younger families who's ward tax if funding those lopsided benefits... meh can't see it

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Getting it WRONG, one more time.............niceeeee....NOT!!!

Earth to abe, earth to abe!! This aint rocket science dude! There is colossal WASTE in govt spending all over the place, country wide, FORCE govts to make PROPER budgets, eliminate all the K/B & amakudari & guess what YOU will find, MOUNTAINS OF YEN!!

For once in your life DO SOMETHING, the people already pay MORE than enough in taxes, use them wisely & we would be fine!! Is that really too much to ask??

Apparently so sadly, the road continues its downward trajectory....

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How about he rein on bereaucrats and his government for spending tax payers money as if there is no tomorrow.

The dpj tried reining on bereaucratic waste and were deliberately sabotaged by the bereaucrats.

Cool japan is a good example of government waste.

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Already starting to back off on his promises! When teh companies say "no", how's he going to keep his promise? He certainly hasn't forced them to increase wages before giving THEM what they ask for, so he's not about to stop begging and start demanding.

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in principle good, in reality, it will never happen.

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The question is what will Keidanren get in return for " supporting " Abe,s thought bubble ? They will not do it because of the goodness of their hearts....more corporate tax cuts or welfare paid for by our taxes will be on its way. How about cutting down on the LDP cronies pork barell projects wastage and using those funds instead so Keidanren doesnt expect any payback . But thats not how Japan Inc. works is it Shinzo?

Then again the voting sheeple enjoy being perpetually taken for a ride and will continue voting for LDP so why should anyone expect anything different .

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"Like higher wages, improving the child-rearing environment is something that is being demanded by society," Economic and Fiscal Policy Minister Toshimitsu Motegi told reporters

The communists have taken over.

What happened to free people and markets?

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"He pretends to ask Keidanren and they pretend to think about it".

Where is Keidanren gonna get the money from anyway?!

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Ha! I knew it!

No sooner does Abe win the election he called, specifically for a mandate to allocate future tax revenue towards child-care, does he start back-peddling.

This is the sort of BRAZEN two-faced attitude that would get any politician in pretty much any other first world country kicked out of office, yet we see Abe do it again and again and again.

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