Abe asks Xi to lift Japan food import ban following nuclear disaster


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Thanks China for considering import again based on science. Chinese people are so gracious. On the other hand, Abe shouldn't talk to China using term"stealing". That is not nice. If you find someone steal things, you take him/her to a court, not to a diplomatic gathering.

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China is an international bully and is the most likely reason for another world war. It threatens its neighbours and brings up the past constantly (like you) in order to maintain nationalism, which is key to its strength.

China and SK need to hate on Japan in order to have an identity. To have a uniter for their nation.

How sad.

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If Communist China persists in refusing to buy Japanese produce, threaten to take them to the ICJ. Just like Japan did to SK to order them to lift ban on Japanese seafood. And won.

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As I said so many times to Abe, China is China. China can do things that Japan can't.

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Abe got it right. If China would import Japanese foods again, there is no any reasons for other nations don't do the same.

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LOL, from "freedom of navigation!!!", to this?

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What rights does Abe have to force people to buy Fukushima foods?

Shinzo should be reminded of the principles surrounding supply and demand.

One just can't force surplus supply on anyone when their is no demand for the Fuku food products.

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Now can you imagine if China had had 3 nuclear meltdowns and its leader asked a neighbouring country to start re-importing agriculture from the affected area,,,,,,,it wouldn't happen in a million years.

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China seems more willing to work with Japan unlike South Korea who constantly want compensation and another apology, after receiving both and signing a deal that's Final and Irreversible.

We should definitely work together with China for a better more prosperous future, this trade war America is starting, no one in Japan supports this.

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Amazingly, there are quite a few countries that don’t trust Japanese ‘food safety’

Japanese people won’t eat Fukushima reduce so why should the Koreans and Japanese?

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