Abe begins 4-day European trip for security, trade talks


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Leave's the country, can't talk about the land deal

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Leave's the country, can't talk about the land deal

Or his payment to Moritomo Gakuen, or the SDF in South Sudan data scandal, or the collapsing economy, or Fukushima, or the total failure of Abenomics, womenomics, diplomacy and all the rest.

Photo-ops with world leaders are about all he's good for right now. Trump, Merkel, Mugabe, King Salman; shake hands and smile at the camera....

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Whose hand is Inada going to hold when the grilling gets tough?

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it’s a good sign that Japan and Germany are not arguing” over trade hold your horses, you haven't asked Japan to lower or remove tariffs on agriculture yet.

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Whatever his political short comings at home, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's brand of diplomacy and charisma certainly has that unique honesty that only a secondhand car dealer portrays, when convincing you're still getting a good deal, even when one of the wheels overtakes the others whist leaving the forecourt.......

For President Trump, a quality golf club. For Chancellor Angela Merkel, well how did Abe san word it, “(Japan) wants to be the champion upholding open systems alongside Germany, we must not create conditions by which wealth becomes concentrated among only some people.”

How Prime Minister Shinzo Abe maintains a straight face is an achievement in itself.

Can you honestly see Japan Agriculture falling over themselves to welcome an agreement covering bilateral trade that will remove all the quotas and tariffs, that protect all Japans agricultural co-operatives?

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@itsonlyrocknroll: never going to happen, that is how Abe stays in power, farmers get 3 times the vote power. All farmers are essentially forced to sell to JA, so farmers vote whomever JA gets the best deal from.

JA controls the government with their voting power, it's why these tariff's exist, it's also why Japan has butter and pork shortages (to keep the prices high).

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Hi gogogo, I am being to wonder if this whistle stop tour is not some sort of object lesson in how to manage international relations for President Trump.

The French President Francois Hollande Welcome hug reached a new level of creditworthy awkward.

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