Abe calls for Taiwan's participation in WHO as coronavirus spreads


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It is really not Abe's call. Political stink.

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The Japanese government’s decision to bring infected people to Japan has sent the cases here to double digits!

Now he turns his attention to Taiwan to make a political point.

Abe has not got a clue...

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Hat's off to Abe on this one. 2019-nCoV is a global health threat and Taiwan's participation is absolutely in order. China, having done nothing about their wet markets after SARS should simply shut up about it's political position towards Taiwan.

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Japan needs to strengthen its alliance with Taiwan. Especially with the communist-aligning Moon in Seoul sitting in the laps of Beijing and Pyongyang.

Japan and Taiwan hold the future security of south east Asia in their hands.

Abe should do whatever he can to keep Taiwan happy. Arm them as well if necessary.

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Yet again, Chinese communist politics rides roughshod over all else, including Chinese lives.

This is but a small taste of more to come from Xi.

Abe has to tread carefully, messing with Chinese politics has a price attached.

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If any nation in the region (outside of the the untrustworthy, lying, covering-up Chinese Communist Party) can be extremely useful to deal with this unprecedented disaster, it is Taiwan. It is unfair to exclude them from the WHO decision making, when this terrible virus is going to affect the them more than most. Furthermore, Taiwan have the medical tech to really make an impact in the fight. And it will be a long, hard fight.

Good call by PM Abe.

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This shows how disgusting mainland Chinese politics is putting ordinary Taiwanese people's lives at risk. But Abe sure knows how to use this to his advantage. And Taiwan should also be wary of being taken advantage by both Japan and USA.

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It is really not Abe's call.

Neither Winnie the Pooh's.

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Including Taiwan in stopping this epidemic which is spreading is not only a smart idea, it should have been done already by the CCP.

This is not a political move or something you need to attack Abe for, other reasons you can bring up which are legitimate.

Including Taiwan at least temporarily is necessary and a must to contain the spread of this virus

Guess that anti-Japan propaganda always gets in the way of facts and being practical.

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Taiwan is a part of China.

No it's not. It's an independent sovereign nation against which China is a bully, pretending they own it.

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No it's not. It's an independent sovereign nation against which China is a bully, pretending they own it.

..and this situation illustrates perfectly the bullying and pretension. There is absolutely no technical nor social merit in excluding Taiwan from WHO representation. It's all politics.

Coincidentally, if it's a CCP controlled company, then all of sudden Taiwan is not China, eg China Mobile, unlimited free calls, except Taiwan and HK.

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Abe, lead the way. Declare Japan's recognition of an independent Taiwan.

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