Abe calls on Suu Kyi to ensure Rohingya can return to Myanmar


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Two great iconic world leaders in that photo. Japan has always been a major supporter for Suu Kyi, from when she was imprisoned for 21 years until being Myanmar President.

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If the Rohingya can’t return to Myanmar then two-plane Abe will offer them asylum in Japan right?

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Most insincere-looking handshake I've ever seen.

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This woman is a disgrace to a great cause too validate all this suffering by omission

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This woman is a disgrace to a great cause

One has to wonder what her problem is. Is she intentionally using the pathetic animal/human desire for a pariah/common enemy to keep public support, or is she simply giving in to that sickness feeling she will fail to combat it?

I am afraid most of you don't even know what I am talking about even though this point of psychology is vital to all political discussions.

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Rohingya refugees fled to Bangladesh to escape a military crackdown in Myanmar and their repatriation remains a challenge. 

But Rohingya is originally from Bangladesh.  They were brought by the UK to Myanmar for a divide and rule.

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Suu Kyi is correct.

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Hard to believe she ever won the Nobel peace prize... But then again they also gave it to Kissinger so thats not saying a lot.

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Suu Kyi was once a remarkable symbol of resistance to dictators! She paid a heavy price for her resistance.

Alas, that was a long time ago and she is, unfortunately, not the person she was all of those years ago. A shadow of her former self.

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Go there, talk to the people, don't just get your 'facts' from FB and spout off like you know everything.

And as for Abe, well he could bring tbem here to run tbe conbinis

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That dude looks wicked hungover.

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Hard to believe she ever won the Nobel peace prize.

What's hard to believe is that people still think that prize is honest, straight forward or worthy of note. In other words, its the propensity of the public to continuously fall for the most obvious BS that is amazing. She did not deserve a prize with such a title and neither Obama not a slew of people who got it. Its a lot like the Patriot Act which is extremely unpatriotic, or the Department of Defense which is more like the War Department and was once so accurately named.

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Just words from Abe.

An excerpt from from Human RightsWatch -

".....Japanese investors should abide by the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, which provide that business enterprises have a responsibility to respect human rights by avoiding causing or contributing to human rights abuses through their own activities, and by seeking to prevent abuses that are directly linked to their operations by their business relationships. That would mean doing no business with Myanmar companies that have ties to the military and ensuring that investment did not worsen the human rights situation for Rohingya in Rakhine State.


The Japanese government should cooperate with international efforts to pursue accountability for the Myanmar military’s crimes against the Rohingya. This includes voting in favor of Myanmar-related human rights resolutions at the UN, calling for access to the country for the UN special rapporteur on human rights in Myanmar, and closely cooperating with the UN’s new Independent Investigative Mechanism for Myanmar.


“Encouraging foreign investment while ignoring human rights will only embolden the Myanmar government and military to further whitewash the heinous acts committed against the Rohingya,” Robertson said. “Not only have military commanders evaded justice for their widespread crimes but they have done so while sabotaging the country’s economic and democratic growth....."

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@Norman Goodman,

I'm a liberal but I'm not defending the Nobel prizes. That is why i mentioned Kissenger. They gave it to him but he, more than any other man (Trump is a close 2nd). screwed up the world order and made things worse for everyone to this day. I'm not going to argue about Obama but it was ironic that during his acceptance speech, basically talked about the need for Americans to kill abroad.

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Some of the western gov and NGOs were just riding on her Fame when they labeled her as hero. Now then others labeled her differently, so they gotta follow the crowd. It is all branding. For her, it's on difficult time. She has to deal with Military who still have control in domestic affairs. That massive Rohingya exodus caused and fight between Rohingya terrorists and Myanmar Military just occurred after Suu Kyi government won the 2015 elections in landslide.

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@Dwindling Gravitas It's a still photo.

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My God, Abe looks rough!

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This brazen madame who heads Burma's political bawdy house should have been unfriended and dis-invited by the Japanese government long ago, but she is not the only unsavory guest to give morally sensitive spectators a queasy feeling.

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Suu Kyii is as she has always been: a wise, moral person, strong and unswayed by trendy misguided popular opinion.

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This is not Suu Kyi's false.

Myanmar's door is always opened for Rohingya to return home safely.

But most of Rohingya do not want to return Myanmar because they involved in crime such as mass killing of non-muslims before they escaped to Bangladesh. Rohingyas are afraid that they would be brought to court and prosecuted.

Some of Rohingyas , they want to return home. But Rohingya's leaders threatened them to death not to return Myanmar. Bangladesh government and most of the NGOs are also giving pressure on Rohingya refugees not to return Myanmar because they worried to loose the support and aid money from the Western donors.

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Myanmar's door is always opened for Rohingya to return home safely.

But most of Rohingya do not want to return Myanmar because they involved in crime such as mass killing of non-muslims before they escaped to Bangladesh. Rohingyas are afraid that they would be brought to court and prosecuted.

This is exactly right. The world was duped into falling for the plight of the Rohingya.

But the truth is, they're like any other Muslim separatist group.

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The world was duped into falling for the plight of the Rohingya.

Right. They are stateless and can't get passports because that's just the way they roll. Utter cod swallop from the last three posters.

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Suu Kyi is just a figurehead and has very little power despite her party officially being in power. The military still controls enough seats and are in charge of these campaigns, nothing that she can do and if her party publicly denounces it the military will just ignore them and probably force them out. It's a tough position to be in.

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you are way off track. Suu Kyi is not just another politician playing games to be popular or stay in power. As she has always done she tells the truth with no consideration of pc trendiness or opinion polls, fake and empty virtue signalling or the western msm.

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The tragic events of the Rohingya is shameful, the international community turned their back.

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Again with the violation of human rights...pff

People focus too much on this subject again and again. If you are thinking this is violation of human rights, what about other wars happening in the world? They are involving innocent people a lot too. But no one focuses on them. For this issue, I think there are some dubious things involved. I would advice not to only listen to the global news but also listen to local news of Myanmar, then compare it and believe the common points. I saw lots of differences when I listen to both news.

However, I agree that Su Kyii is too soft for her position as she cannot do anything to the military.

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Abe should shut up about things he does not understand.

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