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Abe, Cameron urge Russia to solve crisis in Ukraine


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Abe, Cameron urge Russia to solve crisis in Ukraine

Are we to suppose that without this wonderful advice from Abe and Cameron that Russia would not think of solving the crisis in the Ukraine?

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US and EU instigate it, but Russia needs to solve it? The bloods on your hands Nuland.

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It's about time David Cameron paid some attention to solving the growing humanitarian crisis in Britain.

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Good progress there; they have finally realized what a great man Putin is. But why put sanctions on Russia and then ask them to sort out the mess in Ukraine? It is Ukraine's internal problem; they should sort it out themselves.

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First they are putting more sanctions on Russia--not for the annexation Crimea but for what's happen now in eastern Ukraine as if it is Russia's fault--and then they are asking Russia to help solve the crisis. Does that not strike anyone as absurd?

If you want Russia's help, slack off with the sanctions. That would be most practical at this point.

At the same time get some dialogue going with the "pro-Russian" rebels. Find out what their beef is. Maybe we can resolve the issues to everyone's satisfaction.

Finally, realize that Putin is operating out of panic. When the Soviet Union broke up, Russia was promised that NATO would not make incursions into former Soviet republics and colonies (to call a spade a shove) and that is exactly what NATO did. There are missiles in Poland that are more likely than not aimed at Russia. Ukraine's coup d'etat was the final straw. Here is the perfect tranquilizer for Putin. Let Russia join NATO. Why not? Russia is just the way the West wanted it (pretty much).

Oh yes, get the neo-fascists like Svoboda and Right Sector out of the Ukrainian government and hold elections as quickly as possible.

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Both Prime Minsters appear relaxed, even though they must have allot on their minds.

The sanctions imposed have achieved a nominal impact on the Russian economy, the value of the rouble dropped followed by falls on the Moscow markets, worth noting those markets were falling before Kremlin jackboots entered Crimea. The very nature of sanctions is the create uncertainty, the damaging effect will be the inevitable rise in energy bills across Europe..

AP is reporting a fierce debate in Washington, at present US sanctions target Russian business and government officials plus some associated Russian companies, there are calls for far harsher targeted sanctions. The White House meeting (Friday) between Merkel and Obama will focus on harsher sanctions, Germany imports 30% of its gas and oil from Russia, critically a loss of access to Russian oil and gas would have huge consequences on the German economy.

The Senate GOP are openly calling for legislation providing missile defence system in Europe, impose sanctions on the Russian banking sector, and provide $100m in direct military lethal assistance to Ukraine.

It is up to President Putin to solve crisis, in effect the EU has held off imposing sanctions that will harm mutual business interests, holding the observers from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe hostage has hardened German public opinion.

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The Europeans need to grow a pair and impose sanctions on RUSSIAN ENERGY & BANKING. Putin and Russian Economy will come tumbling down like a house of cards.

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They should impose sanctions on US for starting wars and using drones. Right I forgot! they are allowed to do it.

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Two no-bodies talking to one another. Who are they trying to bluff?

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Reading the following from the New York Times: "Behind the Masks in Ukraine, Many Faces of Rebellion By C. J. CHIVERS and NOAH SNEIDER, MAY 3, 2014 http://www.nytimes.com/2014/05/04/world/europe/behind-the-masks-in-ukraine-many-faces-of-rebellion.html?hpw&rref=world&_r=0

This is an article about the rebels. It effectively dispels the notion that they are simply pawns of Moscow. Some are ambivalent about joining Russia. All are against the junta now ruling Ukraine. All are ethnic Russians who say the spark of rebellion happened when the Ukrainian parliament voted to make Ukrainian the sole official language. Though the bill was vetoed by the "acting president" they saw themselves in danger of ethnic discrimination.

That is the problem. It is beyond the power of Putin, per se, to solve, as it is beyond the power of Abe and Cameron alone.

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