Abe congratulates Hanyu


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not only did he inspire the people of Japan but he inspired me too!

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I was having goosebumps while reading this. Winning starts in the mind. When you are determined to win, no obstacle is too big, no resource is too scarce. Congratulations, Hanyu! Banzai!

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“Your win will give inspiration to people in the disaster zone,” Abe said.

"But our government will not."

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Abe does this and win points and then visits the Yasukuni and destroy it all! Why can't he just do positive things and get Japan in the good books of the international community!!!

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Abe went further and likened him to a "Nippon danji", a nationionalistic way of calling the Japanese men during the war.

Is Abe just a right wing simpleton? I'm not really sure. He sure is a strange guy.

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Congratulations Hanyu-san ! Your skating was simply beautiful to watch !

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@Asian2013 : A visit in Yasukuni shrine of mr Abe has nothing to do with a brilliant performance of mr Hanyu. Please, do not mix politics with sport.

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This guy (Abe) just creeps me out. The way he (and ESPECIALLY Ishiba) speaks really sends shivers down my spine.

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About the only decent thing Abe has done while in power.

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Your wi n will give inspiration to people in the disaster zone,” Abe said.

Let's hope something can. It's been nearly three years since the quake and the recovery has been woefully slow.

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I hope Yuzuru Hanyu is named as the flag-bearer for the closing ceremonies.

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@CrazyJoe : He deserves it !

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So much for keeping politics out of the Olympics.

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Akihito should do that instead of Abe.

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Excellent skating Korean boy!

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I think Asian2013 thinks Hanyu won Gold Medal last year. Or he believes Abe visited Yasukuni right after Hanyu won /gold medal?'

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@ Toshiko- you have totally missed the point or fail to understand the drift of my message! I am in fact praising Abe for a positive move (which is rare ) and hope that he doesn't spoil it all by doing something silly! Ask anyone who understands English writing.

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Well. there are more articles of Japanese team in JT sport board.

Asian2012 wrotwe Ask anyone who understands English writing.

I sure will not ask you, then. You don;t even know Abe visited Yasukuni and caused anti-Japan sentimen styronger in China and So. Korea. I suggest you will ask anyon who understand Emglisj writinhg Abe's comment was last year or after yhid Golld Medal.

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Abe went further and likened him to a "Nippon danji", a nationionalistic way of calling the Japanese men during the war.

Words like "Yamato Nadeshiko" for Japanese girls, or "Nippon danji" for Japanese boys are commonly used now. Nothing nationalistic or war related about them. Just old expressions.

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Nobody except for nationalists say "Nippon danji". And yes many Japanese take it as a problem.

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Sorry I am picky. Danji is used for male toddlers and children, Danshi is used for male students and grown-uos. Check kanji of Ji in Danji. BTW, Japan was discriminatory old time. Nippon Danshi was used to fool commoner decendents (Chonin later Heimin) Samurai descendents (Shizoku) said Bushi no Tamashii (Meaning Spirits of Samurai)

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Yeah Hanyu with his feminine skating outfits and mannerisms is certainly a modern day "Nippon danji". Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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Propaganda. And "haaaay I'm fabulous". Hell of an athlete, but playing right into the "sorry I'm from a disaster area" Japan machine. Oh those 2020 Olympics are going to be ... umm... fabulously expensive. Let's see how many medical "issues" there are by then. Nothing to see here ... move along. How sad for our country.

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