Abe demands apology from China over radar lock incident


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Since Japan have made the accusation against China and China have denied these accusations, then all Japan needed to do is show their evidences.

Either Japan or China is lying or Japan maybe have mistaken something else for weapon-firing radar lock.

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Abe could demand China, Russia, Korea and so on and on and also rewrite WW2 history as he wants.

But what other country does has nothing to do with his demand.

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Wow, Don't hold your Breath Abe...You'll Pass Out. The Commies would rather "Commit Seppuku" before ever apologizing to the Japanese over ANYTHING they do Directly or Indirectly in their own insidious & inauspicious ways...like the sneaky commies always do...

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Japan, China has no courage to do so.

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While he's at it, Abe should demand an apology from Russia for stealing those islands just off Hokkaido.

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For the PRC to apoloize to any nation because of their aggressions would first mean that they would have to become a civilized nation and that will not happen anytime soon.

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Article states: “We have confirmed visually and by photographs and other means such details as whether the radar was directed this way,” Abe was quoted as saying.

If this is correct, let Japan release the facts to the media.

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There's 0 chance that will happen. They slipped on the wrong road already too far to get it back.

if it had the political courage and wisdom as Germany have demonstrated, in dealing with their WWII

-3 ( +3 / -6 )

FINALLY, Japan is taking a position, and not ignoring China's bullying - - -THAT is good ! - - Even if China doesn't apologize ( which she won't), Japan is beginning to draw a line.

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This has nothing to do with whatever the past had been. Past is past, it's over and dealt with. This is indirectly and a would-be alibi only if to relate to the island dispute. The issue is that PRC's frigate lock their radar on a Japanese destroyer, plain and simple. It's an act of war. It's like pointing a gun in your face and you wouldn't feel any other but aggression. Fak the past, this is now. The whole world with the UN's representation should act NOW! This is not going any better without a neutral 3rd party to help resolve the issue. UN should be more responsible in keeping world peace at all cost in all corners of the world. Isn't that how they are suppose to function? When are they going to act? ACT NOW for chrissake!

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It has to be scary when someone point an Locking radar towards your. Its just like if someone pointed a loaded gun into your face.

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Abe demands apology from China over radar lock incident

It's easy to say sorry, but to be sincere about it is something different, and Abe shouldn't ask for something he can not do himself.

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That's how cold war works, I'm not sure if Abe really thought China would apologize but as long the first shot is not fired this kind of conflict can go on for ages as it did between the US and USSR(more than 50 years).

What Japan must do is economy first, military later cause that's how US won the cold war without direct combat. China's economy is in better shape which allows them to compete with Japan in all aspects reminding us the space race between US and USSR, sure the soviets was the first to launch a man in space but without a strong economy how long such supremacy would last? While Japan still have technological advantage, they cannot afford anything that negates its progression allowing China to catch up and even surpass in some areas.

Thus China would not bother at all unless its economy is affected which is why we will get the similar response over and over again. This kind of war would not have clear right or wrong but mixing both together resulting an endless argument until one of them end up like the last day of USSR and Abenomics better work otherwise Japan might have something more serious to worry about than the dispute.

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Well, I'm impressed with the author's skill at enumerating the American position, though at a rudimentary level which explains why the author believes these are strictly short-term gains. In fact, what has been accomplished so far is simply the more obvious tasks which, incidentally, were easily put into play.

The playbook is far more interesting in its depth and breadth. At this point in time, the whole game lies on China continuing to insist that the Senkakus are part of its sovereign territory. As such, we can push China into a position where its only means of saving face is engaging the Japanese militarily. At that point, we dismantle the PRC into six separate countries small enough that they can be dominated.

Ultimately, that's the end play. And it's not difficult or even dangerous for us to get there.

-2 ( +3 / -5 )

How long has it been already? Just show us the evidence. And show me how you anticipated a radar lock so you can photograph it. I'm more interested in that.

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lachance: Ultimately, that's the end play. And it's not difficult or even dangerous for us to get there.||

Totally agree. I recall how the "Tiananmen Square" clash could have sparked a near civil war in the very heart of China! Proof of weakness within the PRC that will haunt them in the near future.

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Japan has proof, China keeps saying no. HECK YEAH! screw China! the next time they do this, Shoot em! lol.

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World to judge which to trust. Cleanup vital for business, health & happiness. Careful with words /action in era of traceability & accountability

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Abe-san is playing to his domestic and overseas audience with this call for an apology. While I have no doubt the Chinese warship illuminated the Japanese ship and helicopter with hits targeting radar, asking the Chinese communist government to admit any wrong doing or apologize is, as everyone knows, an impossible task. They can be caught red-handed committing some offense, yet they'll consistently claim innocence. Note they still claim that the Chinese fishing boat did not ram the Japan Coast Guard ship last year, even after the JCG officer leaked the video showing that was clearly the case. And we all know why - in a democracy, when the public loses trust and faith in the current government, they vote them out and send in another party. In dictatorships, when the public becomes disaffected with the government, it typically results in a bloody revolution.....

What is more worrisome in this Senkakus situation is how much control does the central government in Beijing exert over the very powerful, and extremely nationalistic, military. Was the "painting" of the Japanese ships an act authorized by Beijing, or was it something the military leadership authorized - or maybe the regional commander, or even the skipper of the ship....... What further escalatory acts does the Chinese military have planned even now?

I'm afraid that some low-level confrontation involving force is just a matter of time.........

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I think that it is more easier for them to apologize Tibet than apologize on the radar lock case. I took a look in Chinese online newspapers. They will insist that Japan is telling lies until government releases the proof like in the video incident.

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Why apology and not explanation of motives? It is probably within the scope of Asian mentality things, but I don't get it. It is Clear that China wouldn't "feel sorry" for its behavior in terms of security. Japan wouldn't either. US never is. NATO, Russia never are. Why ask China? However, because China performed a hostile act, it must explain its actions.

Even the explanation like:"Well, the Japanese vessel approached too close in neutral waters, so we had to warn them" would work.

Silence and denial from the Chinese side make this conflict much more grave than it already is. Japan does right thing asking for a military phone line between the two countries. Even though China might feel being wronged by Japan, from the side, it is obvious that it is China, who behaves arrogantly and not willing to ease tensions even slightest,

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