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Abe drops plan for Putin visit to Japan this year


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Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has dropped plans to host Russian President Vladimir Putin in Japan this year due to friction after Tokyo imposed sanctions on Moscow over the Ukraine crisis, reports said Tuesday.

On Sunday, Abe and Putin held telephone talks and reportedly expressed interest in holding a summit.

In other words, Putin told Abe to go pound sand. Abe needs to have the courage of his convictions, because decisions have consequences, and Japan backing the U.S. stance on Ukraine (which I support) means they can't turn around and expect to make nice with Russia. Put on your big-boy pants Abe!

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Just as well if there will be no island handing-over. Putin doesn't have anything of value to offer.

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@jerseyboy “Put on your big-boy pants Abe!”

Bro, well-said. :) But there is a small issue tho. It’s too late for him now, the damage has already been done to a degree that trust becomes a question mark on Japan's loyalty to its allies.

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the damage has already been done to a degree that trust becomes a question mark on Japan's loyalty to its allies.

Loyalty is a two-way street.

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Putin doesn't have anything of value to offer

Ant that is exactly the reason why Japanese government proposed to Russia the '"two plus two" consultations and Japanese companies keep doing business with Russia, "Mitsui" at Sakhalin projects is the simplest example.

Japan's loyalty to its allies

First duty of prime minister is loyalty to his country and his people, not to foreign allies.

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Abe drops plan for Putin visit to Japan this year

That was probably the easiest decision he has made all year.

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Finally Abe is standing up to putin and showing him that Japan is against what he is doing in Ukraine and that dangling the Northern Territories will not get Jalan to suck up to moscow

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Finally, after "soul seaching" Japan imposed additional sanctions on Russia this week. However, Japan’s sanctions were primarily “cosmetic” comparing with the ones put by the US.

It’s disturbing that Abe keeps flirting with Putin and Kim, leading Japan to a wrong direction.

J-govt should not forget Russia annexed Crimea under the law and order of 21st century, and North Korea shoots its rockets toward Japan's direction repeatedly.

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Japan is now seeking to arrange for Putin to visit next spring or later, depending on the state of ties between Russia and the United States which are bitterly at odds over the crisis, it added.

So who is telling Abe what to do?

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Japan must do what it's master commands or risk another total cutoff of oil from the world.

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Does anyone in Japan actually give two figs if putin goes to Japan or not?

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Hugo Kempeneer: Chicken

How so?

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